Best Email Extractor Software to Scrape B2B Leads

What is Email Extractor Software?

Our Search Engine Scraper is a state-of-the-art lead generation tool unlike any other! It can be used to scour contact information from online directories, social media and search engines for companies in your niche. At this time, your list of URLs for websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and a plethora of other websites can be scraped by our search engine scraper.

CBT Email Extractor by Creative Bear Tech, the most effective and intelligent email extractor and scraper currently on the market, can parse and scrape emails from search engines tailored to your keyword list.

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What does it do?

The Email Harvester computer program will physically scan and crawl these websites to find each and every page related to your keywords and industry! Some scrapers, such as LinkedIn Scraper, Google Maps Scraper, Yellow Pages Scraper, Email Extractor, and many others, may come to you. The disadvantage of using a single scraper to retrieve data from a single internet source is that your data gathering will be limited. Combining the data into a single unified document would be challenging enough, even though you could theoretically use a dozen different online scrapers. Our program combines all the scrapers into a single piece of software.

This means you can scrape multiple online sources at once, and all the contact information for the company you scrap will be collected in a single repository (Excel file). You will be able to assemble very detailed B2B marketing lists for your area without spending a fortune on internet scrapers for almost every online source and social media site.

Download email scraper software from Creative Bear Techniques

How can CBT search engine scraper help businesses generate leads?

CBT web scraper and email extractor are being used by many enterprises to cut costs and get through these tough economic times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Due to limited resources, not every business can hire a data entry help for lead generation and wait days or weeks for the job to be completed. Our software has already helped many businesses reduce costs and take advantage of new business opportunities by going deeper into lead generation.

If you work in the wholesale sector, you probably sell products to other firms all the time. Fortunately, most B2B data can be found online from several website sources. The problem with other web scraping solutions is that they usually produce only a small number of results as they are usually limited to a single internet source when collecting B2B marketing lists (ie Google or Yellow Pages). is used to. Also, most scraping solutions often pull in a ton of redundant and extraneous data. We were able to find and fix every problem using over a dozen scraping tools.

We have decided to keep things as easy for the user as possible by giving you the most freedom to scrape on whatever platform you want, instead of developing expert website scraping techniques.

B2B helps businesses grow their customer base, improve customer satisfaction and transform the way they do business. A business is ready to create a B2B customer journey map after registering for B2B. This document outlines the steps a potential customer must take to become a customer as well as the specific touch points they will look for.

Key Features of Email Extractor Software

Some of the features that are built-in in this software are:

Speed ​​and multi-threading settings

You can run the software using multiple threads and choose how many results to scrape per keyword based on your computer’s setup.

recover lost data

Your current CSV file can be re-scraped at any time. The software will attempt to locate and remove any missing data from your records. Your sales leads will be more complete as a result.

CSV files must be cleaned, concatenated and split

You can split your CSV spreadsheet files by total number of records or by nation, merge multiple CSV spreadsheet files with our merger tool, and clean up your emails using our email list cleaner.

Resolving Google Recaptcha Remotely

For seamless scraping, the website provides a built-in 2captcha remote captcha solving service which will get rid of most of the captcha including google recaptcha version 2 and 3.

Exclusive Meta Content Filter

Content filters that must be present in the website’s meta title, meta description, and html body content allow you to configure your own keywords. Thanks to this you can scrape the relevant data for your niche.

auto project saving

Every few minutes, the app will automatically create a project folder and store your results in real time. The result file and folder will share the same name as your project.

Other features that the software possesses include auxiliary proxies, a wide range of advanced domain level filters, and so on.

How B2B Leads Help Businesses

Do you intend to grow your business and your wholesale sales? By generating your own free sales leads, you can do away with expensive marketing lists. For example, if you run a cannabis and CBD business, you may want to collect contact information for retailers of vitamins, sports nutrition and cosmetics before making contact with a wholesale offer of cannabis and CBD products. It is completely justified. Selling to other businesses is your only objective as a wholesaler. You can use CBT lead generation software as a bridge to connect with your B2B prospects.

CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor speeds up the work of over a hundred data entry specialists in the office while helping businesses increase sales. All of them for very little cost.

CBT Web Scraper & Email Extractor automatically, and with laser focus, generates high-quality and accurate sales leads to market to your industry. It employs telemarketing, email newsletters, direct mail, social media and other channels to connect with prospects using your B2B marketing techniques. The process then turns potential customers into paying customers, negotiate contracts, make money, and keep your firm expanding.

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