Bengaluru teenager missing, parents suspect affected by online shamanism

The parents have now made a public appeal to help find their daughter.


In Bengaluru, hapless parents have reached out to the public on microblogging site Twitter to help locate their minor daughter, who went missing on October 31. It’s been two months; Police are still looking for clues and have described it as a complicated case. On October 31, 17-year-old Anushka left her Bengaluru home with two pairs of clothes and Rs 2,500 in cash. Two months later, her parents are still living the nightmare of not knowing where their only daughter is.

“She was avoiding us. Everyone. We know she loves us. Sure, she’ll come back to us,” said her mother.

Anushka was a regular teenager but her parents first noticed a change in her behavior in September. She became a recluse.

Her father Abhishek said, “I took her to a counselor. The behavioral change we noticed was that she stopped talking to us, she was keeping to herself, restricting herself from household activities. Was.”

Anoushka’s parents suspect that she was greatly influenced by reading online about shamanism, an ancient healing tradition that is believed to connect with the spirit world.

“It looked like someone influenced her. She’s a minor. She can’t be in a position to make decisions on her own. She told me she wanted the embarrassment to follow,” her father said.

Anushka had passed class 12th and was reportedly influenced by spiritual life coaches and psychedelic teachers like Sahara Rose and Kamya Buch. She had reportedly spoken to her parents about practicing shamanism.

Bengaluru Police says that there was no CCTV at the place where the teenager was dropped. They are checking his online activity.

Vinayak Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru North, said, “We analyzed his movement through CCTV cameras. Apart from his online activities, which we can collect forensically, we have been tracking his interest in the recent past. During this intervening period, he has not contacted anyone. We are looking at a huge database of CCTVs.”

The parents have now made a public appeal to help find their daughter.