Battlegrounds Mobile India introduces hotfix for Mirror World bug

Battlegrounds Mobile India launched its 1.7.0 update earlier this month. While it was a very important update, many users faced issues with the new update, some of whom took to Twitter to report it.

One of the issues was that players were unable to claim the Mirror World lobby theme. However, Crafton has now rolled out a new hotfix for the issue that players can install. When players open Battlegrounds Mobile India, the update prompt will be shown in-game, and those who haven’t already updated will be able to use the prompt.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.7.0 Update: What’s New

BGMI’s 1.7.0 introduced the new Mirror World, a new event-based theme based on the Netflix anime – ‘Arcane’. The game also brings a new set of characters, items and game modes.

The Mirror World theme will only be available on the Erangel, Livik and Sanhok maps, with a mysterious upside-down island visible in the sky. Players can use a wind wall to be transported to an alternate mirror world to complete a set of arcane-based challenges to earn emotions and skins.

Inside the Mirror World, players will be transformed into one of the show’s main characters – Vii, Genex, Zeus, or Caitlyn. Each of these characters has a unique set of weapons and abilities. Players will encounter various monsters on the island, which, when killed, will drop a set of Hextec crystals. These shards can then be used to purchase specialty supplies from the Dynahex Supply Shop.

The new update also introduces a piggyback feature that allows players to carry teammates or enemies who have been knocked down at low speed. The all-new Grenade Indicator (HUD) will also be visible on-screen.

Crafton is also collaborating with English football club Liverpool FC to bring new challenges and skins to the game.