Balaji Murugadoss won Bigg Boss Ultimate, took home Rs 20 lakh, trophy

Balaji Murugadoss has won Bigg Boss Ultimate, the first oat version of BB Tamil, and has taken home a trophy and Rs 20 lakh in prize money. Balaji, who has a huge fan base, earned him a sufficient number of votes to keep him at the top of the charts.

Balaji is one of the top contestants of the season. He was already predicted as the winner of the season. In the last season, his enmity, violent outbursts and clashes with others put him on the map (Bigg Boss Tamil 4). However, he matured with time, tried to manage his aggression and won the hearts of his fans.

Balaji got a little emotional with Simbu after he was declared the winner of the title. Dedicating his victory to his fans, Balaji said, “This victory is for my fans. I dedicate this victory to the ‘Bala-Parivar’.”

After a beautifully compiled AV, Simbu also congratulated the winner, saying, “No matter how many ups and downs he has faced, it is the love of fans for him that has brought him this far.”

Simbu aka Silambarasan took over Bigg Boss Ultimate as the new host after Kamal Haasan left. Simbu became increasingly popular among the audience after taking over as the anchor of the show. He was praised for his friendly and enthusiastic behavior towards the participants.

Meanwhile, the first runner-up Nirup fought hard against Bala and was able to stay there. After her, actress Ramya Pandian, who entered as a wild card, continued to struggle and ended up as the second runner-up among the other contestants. Thamarai Selvi finished the season in the top four.

Additionally, the previous edition’s title winners Raju Jayamohan, Aari, Riythvika and others made a stellar conclusion. One of the many significant highlights of the star-studded grand finale was some heated performances by former contestants, including actors Yashika Anand, Samyuktha and Season 4 winner Aari Arjunan.

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