‘Baith jaiye Baith Jaiye Prem se boliye… Wah Modi ji wah!’ Mahua taunts BJP

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra and Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi have taken a jibe at the inclusion of some new words in the word ‘unparliamentary’. Moitra and Chaturvedi today tweeted and targeted the central government and PM Narendra Modi regarding this list. Mahua Moitra wrote in her tweet, ‘Sit down. Let’s sit Speak with love Sanghi is not included in the new list of unparliamentary words for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Basically the government took all the words used by the opposition to describe how BJP is destroying India and banning them. Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha member Priyanka Chaturvedi targeted the central government by referring to the old meme. He tweeted, ‘Reminded of this meme. If you do, what to do, then what to say? Sir, wow modi ji wow! Feels like a reality now!’

unparliamentary words

In fact, before the monsoon session of Parliament, the Lok Sabha Secretariat has released a new booklet on unparliamentary words. In this, words like jumlajeevi, child wit, covid spreader and snoopgate, even the commonly used shame, abuse, betrayal, corrupt, drama, hypocrisy and incompetent will now be treated as unparliamentary in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Apart from these words, words like Shakuni, Jaichand, Lollipop, Chandal Quartet, Gul Khilaye, Pittu etc. will also not be used in both the Houses.

unlawful conduct

According to the new booklet released by the Lok Sabha Secretariat, the use of such words would amount to “unlawful conduct” and would not form part of the proceedings of the House. The Lok Sabha Secretariat has prepared a new compilation of such words and sentences, which have been kept in the category of non-parliamentary expressions, under the title Unparliamentary Words, 2021. The compilation, released for use by members just ahead of the monsoon session of Parliament beginning July 18, contains words or sentences that were declared unparliamentary in the year 2021 in the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and state legislatures. According to this, the words which come under the category of unparliamentary words, sentences or indecent expressions include bastard, black session, pimp, blood farming, double character, useless, gimmick, drumming, deaf government, taking chillum, chhokara, coal thief, goru. Thieves drink charas, bullocks, Khalistanis, men of destruction, dictators, dictators, anarchists, traitors.

Unparliamentary words removed in these states also

In the compilation of unparliamentary expressions, some words or sentences removed from the proceedings of the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly have also been kept, including bob cut hair, gariana, ant-shunt, Uchke, Ulta Chor Kotwal ko Dante etc. The words declared unparliamentary have also been kept in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, including drinking water, showing cleverness etc.

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According to Rule 380 of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha, if the Speaker feels that derogatory or unparliamentary or indecent or insensitive words have been used during the discussion, he can order their removal from the proceedings of the House. At the same time, according to rule 381, a note is inserted in the proceedings by marking the part of the proceedings of the House which is to be removed in such a way that it is removed according to the order of the Speaker.