Bags piled up at London Heathrow airport due to ‘technical problem’

Photos of hundreds of bags piled up at London’s Heathrow Airport are going viral on the internet. The picture shows a pile of passengers’ bags that were left behind at the airport due to a ‘mess’. The viral picture shows a collection of hundreds of bags, including small bags, suitcases and even delicate packages, spread across the airport floor. Based on reports, this collection of bags was formed near Terminal 2 after a ‘technical problem’ in the baggage system.

Disappointed by the delay, many passengers posted pictures and videos of the luggage lying on the floor on social media. Sharing the video of the incident on Twitter, one of the passengers said, “Absolute chaos at Heathrow where all passengers are asked to leave their luggage at level 0 and hopefully it will reach the destination after a day or two.” Will go.”

According to reports, due to the mixing of bags of many planes, passengers are not able to get their luggage for many days. Following the incident, airport officials apologized to the passengers, who were reportedly told that it could take up to two days to receive their luggage.

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Following the incident, Air India informed passengers that they could not receive their luggage due to a system failure at Heathrow Airport. In the tweet, Indian Airlines said, “Passengers traveling from London Heathrow by AI130 and AI170 as of 19.06.22 cannot receive their bags at destination airport in India due to failure of Heathrow Apt baggage system. Our Heathrow team dispatches Bags on priority. We request your understanding.”