Bad result of bad karma: Thief pierces wall to steal jewelery from temple in Andhra, but gets himself trapped in it

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Hyderabad12 hours ago

It is said that the result of bad deeds is bad. This proved to be true in Andhra Pradesh. Here a thief made a hole in the wall to steal the jewelry from the temple, but he himself got trapped in it. He was caught red handed when he called people for help.

A thief named Papa Rao broke into the window of the Jami Yellamma temple in Srikakulam coastal district of Andhra Pradesh and stole the ornaments offered to the deity. He made a hole in the wall to get out, but he got stuck in the hole only in half.

When he could not leave even after several hours, he started crying and calling people for help. After this the villagers gathered there. People took him out of the hole and handed him over to the police.

Bad result of bad deed immediately, read two such incidents

1. Thief’s hand stuck in donation box
One such incident happened in Chhattisgarh’s Korba in April last year, when two thieves went to the Shri Siddha Vateshwar Hanuman Shani temple to steal. They entered inside by breaking the lock and tried to steal money from the donation box, when a thief’s hand got stuck inside the box. The priest of the temple saw him the next morning and informed the police. Thereafter both were arrested.

The thieves could not run away after getting their hands stuck in the donation box.

The thieves could not run away after getting their hands stuck in the donation box.

2. Seeing the stolen amount, the thief got a heart attack
In April last year, a thief in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor suffered a heart attack after seeing the stolen money. He along with his friend had stolen from a service center, from where both of them stole Rs 7 lakh. Both thought that their hands would cost only a few thousand rupees, but when they saw lakhs of rupees in front of their eyes, a thief got a heart attack. A huge amount of stolen money went to his treatment. Later both were taken into custody by the police.

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