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Bad relationship between Sidhu and Amarinder – all that happened between the 2 ‘captains’ of Punjab

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Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu (Left) and Former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh (Right)

The tussle between Captain Amarinder Singh and Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Navjot Singh Sidhu seems to be nowhere to end as he resigned from the post of Punjab Chief Minister and raised serious questions against Sidhu, alleging that he was incompetent. There are relations with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran. Will be a disaster for Khan, the army chief and the state.

The feud between Amarinder Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu has been going on for two years and has never heated up.

Navjot Singh Sidhu had left the BJP and joined the Congress a few months before the 2017 elections. There were speculations that he would be given the post of Deputy Chief Minister, but he was made a cabinet minister.

Navjot Singh Sidhu did not listen to Amarinder Singh to reconsider Pakistan visit in 2018

Back in 2018, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that he had asked his cabinet colleague (Sidhu) to reconsider his decision to visit Pakistan for the inauguration of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor.

“Sidhu told me that he had committed himself to leave. When I told him about my stand on the issue, he said it was his personal visit, but he would contact me. But I didn’t hear from him,” Amarinder had said then.

Sidhu’s fight against Captain for preferred portfolio in Punjab government

Just two years after the Congress came to power, Sidhu was dropped from key portfolios in a cabinet reshuffle in June 2019 and then resigned from the state cabinet.

Singh had separated Sidhu from the local government and tourism and cultural affairs departments and allotted him the power and new and renewable energy portfolios, though Sidhu never assumed charge of his new department.

When tensions with Amarinder came to the fore, Sidhu approached Rahul Gandhi

Soon after, Sidhu contacted the then Congress President Rahul Gandhi and “apprised him of the situation”. The tension between Singh and Sidhu came to the fore.

Rahul Gandhi my ‘captain’: When Sidhu hit out at Amarinder

While Singh blamed him for the “inept operation” of the local government department, claiming that the (2019) Lok Sabha elections resulted in the “poor performance” of the Congress in urban areas, the former cricketer said on the other hand” (Congress chief ) Rahul Gandhi is my captain… Rahul Gandhi is also the captain of the captain (Singh).”

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Sidhu starts questioning Captain’s leadership

Amidst the cold war with the Punjab CM, Navjot Singh Sidhu tried not once but several times to contact the top leadership of the Congress in Delhi.

Sidhu, who considered Rahul Gandhi as his ‘captain’, met him in Delhi and apprised him of the situation in Punjab Congress.

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When Sidhu was made the President of Punjab Congress

Just a few months ago, things took a turn for the worse and finally, despite strong opposition from Singh, Navjot Singh Sidhu was appointed the Pradesh Congress President.

Sidhu’s recent attack on Amarinder Singh over agricultural laws

Congress Punjab chief Navjot Singh Sidhu once again targeted Amarinder Singh on the issue of farmers. In a video shared on Facebook, Sidhu had threatened Captain to repeal the controversial agricultural laws.

Sidhu challenges Amarinder Singh to repeal three agriculture laws, otherwise it will be done by Congress MLAs. Sidhu was heard saying in the video, “This (agriculture law) will definitely come to an end. If you (CM Amarinder Singh) don’t do it, the MLAs will.”

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When Sidhu said Punjab needs strong, tough leadership

The newly-appointed Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu had met Captain Amarinder Singh in July. The meeting between the two leaders was seen as a sign of tension due to differences in the party a few months ahead of next year’s assembly elections.

Sidhu handed over a letter to the then CM Amarinder Singh and urged him to take immediate action on five major issues. “Today, more than ever, Punjab needs tough, decisive, inclusive and compassionate leadership to meet the genuine demands of every Punjabi,” the letter said.

When Amarinder warned Sidhu’s advisors

In August, Captain Amarinder Singh warned two of Navjot Sidhu’s advisors against atrocious and misogynistic comments on issues such as Kashmir and Pakistan. He said the comments were “potentially dangerous to the peace and stability of the state and the country”. Later, his advisors were suspended by the party.

Sidhu’s remark ‘…aur dekhne’ took war with Amarinder Singh to next level

In August last month, Sidhu had said during an event in Amritsar that he had told the party high command in Delhi that he would not spare anyone if he was not allowed to take a decision. In one of the videos, Sidhu can be heard saying, “Eind se aath dunga.”

And now on this day (September 18) when Captain Amarinder Singh resigned from the post of Chief Minister, thereby changing the political situation in Punjab minute by minute, the Congress is now facing an even deeper crisis, especially the former Chief Minister. Following the steps taken by Some serious questions against Navjot Singh Sidhu exposing his relationship with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, his army chief, clearly stating that he will not support Sidhu’s name for the next CM as it will be a disaster. Will be

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