Australia coach Andrew McDonald disappointed with McCullum’s comments on after Bairstow dismissal controversy

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Image Source: PTI After the controversy over Bairstow’s dismissal, the relationship between the players of England and Australia is not the same

Ashes getting warmer. One of Test cricket’s most coveted trophies is at stake between England and Australia and players and former cricketers are at loggerheads this time. reason Johnny BairstowControversial dismissal on the fifth day of the Lord’s Test, which Australia won by 43 runs. Many current and former England cricketers are calling the dismissal against the spirit of the game, while it is within the Laws of the Game.

Even Brendon McCullum, England’s Test head coach, is not happy with what happened in the middle and admitted that the relationship between the two sides may not be the same. He also said that his team will now focus on making a comeback in the series and winning the Ashes. McCullum also indicated that players from the two teams would not drink beer, a long-standing tradition.

“If that’s what you’re asking, I can’t imagine we’ll be drinking beer anytime soon. From our point of view, we have three Test matches to try and strike some blows and win the Ashes,” McCullum told Test Match Special. “That’s what we’re going to focus on,” he said.

Responding to his counterpart’s statement, Australia’s head coach Andrew McDonald was disappointed but admitted that emotions were just coming out after the incident. They felt that relations would improve as soon as the dust settled. “I haven’t talked to him, [have] Heard that comment for the first time, and was somewhat taken aback by it.

“To be honest, I think there’s a little bit of emotion in it. It happens immediately after something happens. I’m not one to hold a lot of grudges. I’ve been through enough to know that you know things. Can give. But I think about ruining a tradition that has come from such a long, such a great series, I think some people’s feelings will definitely change as the series progresses. Maybe if we don’t Let’s do what we always do and have a beer together and MacDonald said, “Well done, great effort and all that stuff will be sad. But I think that was just emotion.”

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