Attack on 70-year-old Sikh in New York: nose broken, serious body injuries, this is the second incident in New York this year

New York15 hours ago

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A case of assault with a 70-year-old Sikh has come to light in New York, USA. The incident happened on Monday (April 4), when he was walking near 95th Avenue, Richmond Hill in Queens, New York. Some unknown people who came there attacked the elderly Nirmal Singh. One punched him. Due to which his nose broke. There are also many injury marks on his body. This is the second case of assault on a Sikh elder in New York this year.

Human Rights Organization expressed displeasure
After the incident, the police have registered a case. According to the police, in the initial investigation, the matter seems to be related to hate crime. At the same time, Sikh citizens and Human Rights Organization (HRO) ‘The Sikh Coalition’ have expressed their displeasure after this incident. NYPD is in touch with Hate Crime Task Force after this incident.

The HRO said in its statement that the CCTV footage is being scrutinized for a fair investigation into the attack on Nirmal Singh. We are in contact with Richmond Hill Group to gather more information about this incident. According to HRO, the group is very sensitive about this incident. They are trying to find out who is behind the incident and what can be done in this regard.

The Sikh elder was badly injured after the attackers attacked.  He was punched in the nose.

The Sikh elder was badly injured after the attackers attacked. He was punched in the nose.

Nirmal Singh was talking in Punjabi
Nirmal Singh has gone to the US on a visitor visa for two weeks. According to the information, when Nirmal Singh was attacked, he was talking in Punjabi. Seeing him wearing a turban, the attackers abused him. After the attack, his nose started bleeding and he fell injured. Gurinder Singh, an eyewitness, reached there immediately after the attack. He told that he is of his grandfather’s age, he looked very upset and was sitting on one side, his nose was bleeding. After which Gurinder Singh took him to the hospital.

Activist said- Sikhs are the most targeted in America
Community activist Japmeet Singh believes that such incidents happen frequently in New York. According to Japmeet, Sikh people are targeted especially in these incidents. Some anti-social elements target people wearing turbans. At present the investigation of this matter is going on.

Second incident of assault this year
This is the second incident of assault on a Sikh driver in America. Earlier in January this year, a Sikh taxi driver was assaulted at JFK International Airport in New York. During the assault, the attackers were asking the taxi driver to go back to his country.

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