Assam police asked to restrain from using lethal weapons while dealing with civilian population | Guwahati News – Times of India

GUWAHATI: Assam cabinet on Wednesday passed instructions to the state’s police force to restrain from using lethal weapons while dealing with civilian population a day after five people from Meghalaya were killed in firing by Assam Police during a clash with villagers of the neighbouring state and decided to hand over the investigation to CBI.
Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma clarified that the incident had no connection with the border dispute between Assam and Meghalaya.
“The firing was a fall-out of the clash between locals of Meghalaya and forest and police personnel of Assam and not a border clash,” Sarma said.
He added, “I think the firing was not necessary and it appears to be unprovoked. Assam Police could have exercised restraint because five people have lost their lives and it is depressing for all of us.”
The state cabinet also decided that “SOPs for police as well as forest personnel will be prepared to deal with such situation and all police station in charges will be properly sensitised on such matters.”
The cabinet also decided to request retired Gauhati High Court judge Rumi Phukan to conduct a judicial probe into the facts and circumstances that led to the incident and conclude the enquiry within 60 days.
Sarma’s Meghalaya counterpart Conrad Sangma on Tuesday had also said that the incident had no direct connection with the border talks but has affected the overall situation and “things are not going to be the same again.”
In his first reaction, Sarma, who has been campaigning for BJP in Gujarat, “It is natural for one to be worried and concerned when one’s people are killed in police firing. The incident was not related to border dispute. It is being wrongly circulated. The firing was a fall-out of a clash between locals and forest officials and not about border.”