Asiatic: Asiatic lions will roar for prohibition in Gujarat. Ahmedabad News – Times of India

Ahmedabad: You don’t need a drink to feel like a king. And, bringing this message to you is none other than the ‘King of the Jungle’. Asian Lion new mascot Gujarat Prohibition and Excise Department.
The department has chosen a mascot for the first time since it came into existence. “Hoon daru pito nathi chhata hoon raja chu. Nashabandi aapka dwar, apna mat (However, I don’t drink, I am still the king of the jungle. Prohibition of alcohol by us, for all),” goes the phrase accompanying the symbol.
A senior official of the Prohibition Department said that they selected the mascot after holding discussions with the newly elected ministers. Another senior officer said, “If a person does not drink, he can show confidence like a lion. If he is caught drunk, the police roar like a lion in front of the accused.”
The official said that Gujarat is known for Asian Lion, so it was the obvious choice as the mascot.
“The state has many animals, but the lion is part of Gujarat’s identity. The state is basically known for two things: one for Asiatic lions and the other for ‘darubandhi’ (prohibition). Hence, it is very apt Make the Asiatic lion our mascot,” said the official.