Ashram 3 Star Esha Gupta: I told Prakash Jha that even if he gave me Re 1, I would still do this show

Actress Esha Gupta, who is known for her films in Jannat 2, Rustom and Baadshaho, has been repeatedly faced with vitriol on social media for her bold outfits. The 36-year-old actress, who is currently seen in Ashram Season 3, has defended her decision to wear risky clothes and pointed out the double standards that still exist for women in the society.

Even though Isha is dissatisfied with the amount of hate that comes for embracing her body, she feels it is quite hypocritical for people not to react the same way when they find a male celebrity taking off their shirt.

Isha told us, “I feel like I am doing what every other girl is doing but the only thing is that she is not a celebrity.” “I’m just myself and living my life. I’m not trying to live my life like anyone else. When it comes to negativity, I stopped thinking about it years ago because people would talk Will talk and talk and get tired after a point.

Isha continued, “I think it’s a good thing that people talk about you. At least they haven’t forgotten me. I would love to talk about someone who was talked about.” Yes, people who will say, ‘She’s great. Let’s not talk about her.’ We come from a country where we have Ajanta and Ellora, Kamasutra. We have men on screen and on TV shows taking off their shirts and people saying ‘Wow’ but women in sarees being objectified and people saying are like, ‘Hey, the girl’s fault (it’s the woman’s fault) Doesn’t matter.”

In Ashram 3, Isha plays the role of an image maker, Sonia, who is brought in to change the image of Nirala Baba, the character essayed by Bobby Deol. The actress said it was unwise for her to say yes to the Prakash Jha-directed web series.

“I had heard a lot about this show from word of mouth. During the pandemic everyone was talking about it and I was at my parents’ house in Delhi at that time. And everyone would say, ‘What It’s show!’ So when Prakash Jha proposed it to me and sir said to me, ‘That’s your character,’ I just said, ‘I don’t want to hear anything. You just give me a rupee and I’ll still do it.’ I was not worried at all about money or shooting schedule or my dates. I told him all that is my manager’s headache. Everything was better and better for me in this show and I am very happy that Prakash sir did Sonia’s work. Thought of me for the role,” said Isha.

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