Aryan did not get bail: Mantras of veteran lawyers failed in front of NCB, did these 10 arguments stop Aryan’s bail?

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  • Opposing the bail, ASG Singh read 13 similar judgments from this case
  • Opposing bail before chargesheet citing Riya-Showik Chakraborty case

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s bail application in cruise drugs case has once again been rejected by the court. As soon as the court sat down after lunch at 2.45 pm on Wednesday afternoon, Judge VV Patil rejected Aryan’s bail application, accepting NCB’s arguments as correct. However, the court pronounced only the operative part of the order.

Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Anil Singh is looking into the matter on behalf of NCB. It is believed that on October 13 and 14, the strong arguments of the NCB came down heavily on Aryan’s lawyers. However, the detail judgment is expected by evening. Only after this it will be completely clear that what was the reasoning of the court behind the rejection of Aryan’s bail.

10 arguments of ASG overshadowed Aryan

  1. Aryan is quite influential and there is a possibility of tampering with evidence or fleeing his country if released on bail. NCB’s counsel Advait Sethna had submitted that a similar case pertained to actor Armaan Kohli and he too was not granted bail till the completion of the investigation.
  2. Although drugs have not been found from Aryan, but drugs have been found from Arbaaz Merchant, who was arrested with him. Had the ship left from there, the party would have started and all these accused would have taken drugs.
  3. Aryan did not take drugs for the first time, he has been taking drugs in the past as well. We have enough evidence of them taking drugs before.
  4. Aryan’s WhatsApp chats were shown in the court. NCB’s counsel claimed that records indicate that Aryan was in contact with several drug peddlers who had links to international drug smugglers.
  5. The sections (sections 28 and 29 of the NDPS Act) imposed on Aryan are non-bailable. In such a situation, granting bail to Aryan would not be the right decision.
  6. Aryan’s case was described as Riya and Sauvik’s drug case. The ASG had said that the quantity of drugs does not always matter, as the drugs were not found even from Riya Chakraborty’s brother Shauvik Chakraborty. Sauvik was also not granted bail before the filing of the chargesheet.
  7. Opposing the bail, the ASG had read 13 similar judgments in this case. These judgments of various High Courts and Supreme Court were also described as Aryan’s case. In most of these, drugs were not recovered from the accused.
  8. ASG Anil Singh had said, ‘We are keeping an eye on the entire chain and connection in this matter. The matter is still at the stage of preliminary investigation and more things will come to light in the future.
  9. It cannot be said that Aryan can only get 1 year imprisonment. If their strings are attached to other accused, then the same punishment can be applied to them as well. The ASG said, 15 to 20 people are involved in this matter and the matter of conspiracy is coming to the fore, as well as the matter of commercial quantity has also come to the fore. Hence section 29 is invoked. As the matter progresses and the information is received, we can levy charges and sections accordingly.
  10. Anil Singh, appearing for NCB, said that I deny the argument that the accused are young. I do not agree with the contention of Aryan’s lawyer Amit Desai that these are young children and hence bail should be considered. This is our future generation. The whole country will depend on them. Our freedom fighters in the land of Mahatma Gandhi did not imagine this.

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