Arvind Kejriwal’s Punjab tour LIVE: Said in Kartarpur – this is not my card, not the captain’s, I will fulfill the promise; SC will give guarantee to brotherhood in Hoshiarpur

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Arvind Kejriwal talking to reporters at Amritsar airport.

Arvind Kejriwal reached Kartarpur in Jalandhar on a one-day Punjab tour. There, Kejriwal started filling the guarantee card to give one thousand rupees to the women and said that this is not Captain Amarinder Singh’s door-to-door employment card, but Kejriwal’s guarantee card. What Kejriwal speaks, he definitely fulfills. Kejriwal does not lie.

He said that ever since I promised to give one thousand rupees to women, I am being abused. He told the women that first all the sisters should buy the suit with one thousand rupees and tell Channi that this suit was bought with the money given by her black brother i.e. Kejriwal. Kejriwal said that politicians are earning 20 thousand crores from illegal sand mining. Out of that, out of 10 thousand crores, he will give one thousand rupees each to the women of Punjab.

CM Channi Illegal sand mining owner or partnership; tell the truth to punjab

Earlier, after landing at Amritsar airport, Kejriwal said that for the last few days, I have been seeing that illegal sand mining is taking place in Chamkaur Sahib, the area of ​​Punjab CM Charanjit Channi. Obviously mining is going on in the CM’s own circle, so it is difficult to think that he would not know.

There are serious allegations of sand theft against him. The people of Punjab want to know that the illegal mining is happening in their area. He is their owner, their partnership or their patronage. He said that the truth should be known. A few days ago, the Captain had also said that many ministers and MLAs also do sand mining or patronize them.

Arvind Kejriwal coming out of Amritsar airport

Arvind Kejriwal coming out of Amritsar airport

If the allegations of sand mining in Punjab are leveled on the CM and ministers, then where will the public go. Illegal sand mining worth 20 thousand crores is happening in Punjab. Our government will stop it. The money that is going into the pockets of politicians from illegal mining will go to women. He said that there should be a fair investigation by registering an FIR in this matter.

Kejriwal will first go to Kartarpur in Punjab, then to Shamchaurasi

Before Amritsar, he will go to Kartarpur in Jalandhar. Where women will start the registration of giving 1-1 thousand rupees every month if the government is formed. After this he will reach Shamchaurasi in Hoshiarpur. Where he will have a meeting with the Dalit brotherhood. Here Kejriwal will announce guarantee to the Dalit brotherhood. With the new guarantee, Kejriwal will try to reach out to the Dalit vote bank in Punjab and especially in the Dalit stronghold Doaba.

Navjot Sidhu

Navjot Sidhu

Kejri’s attack on Channi on the pretext of Sidhu
Before the Punjab tour, Kejriwal has intensified political attacks on CM Charanjit Channi. He tweeted Sidhu’s statement. In which Sidhu is saying that we have to make such a system that we can provide 24 hours electricity. To give 3 rupees unit to domestic consumer and 5 rupees unit to other consumer. He called Kejriwal a liar. Sidhu said that Kejri is giving lollipops. Taxing the rich is distributing it to the poor.

On this, Kejriwal said that Sidhu exposed CM Channi that Congress is against free electricity. It is neither giving electricity free nor will it. Kejri said that if you want 24 hours more free electricity then vote for you. Vote for Congress for expensive electricity and power cuts.

AAP alleges illegal mining in Jindapur village of CM's Vis area

AAP alleges illegal mining in Jindapur village of CM’s Vis area

CM also surrounded on the pretext of sand mafia
Kejriwal also surrounded CM Channi in gestures on the pretext of sand mafia. Kejriwal wrote that if the CM of a state is a sand thief, can that state progress. Earlier, AAP Punjab co-in-charge Raghav Chadha claimed to have caught illegal mining by raiding the village of Jindapur in Chamkaur Sahib, the Vis area of ​​​​CM. After which Channi also went to see sand mining. However, AAP claims that CM Channi went to some other site while people of the area are also testifying about illegal mining.

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