Army stores of country premium liquor up by 264% – Times of India

New Delhi: International spirits companies selling high-end brands have faced a drought in Indian Army canteens as sales of Made-in-India premium liquor jumped 264% between April-September this year, as these shops opened up Imported finished goods have been banned since October. 2020 Sale of fully imported liquor in the denomination of Rs 1,600-2,600 and above for a bottle of 750 ml in Canteen Stores Department (Christopher Street Day) fell to nearly 500 cases between April and September from around 17,500 cases in the same period last year, shows the latest data from the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC,
“Good sale of premium Indian liquor in CSD canteens will give a big boost to domestic production of high quality products. The increase in demand will lead to more investment and employment opportunities. This is a win-win situation for Indian wine makers,” said Rakshit N Jagdale, MD, Amrut Distilleries, Manufacturer of Amrut Single Malt and many more Indian products. In comparison, the sale of country premium liquor increased from around 6,795 cases last year to around 24,736 cases. All sales figures are for nine-liter cases.


“The ban has allowed super premium products to replace similar imported products. It is wrong to say that imported products do not have Indian substitutes,” CIABC Director General Vinod Giri said in a letter to the Major General. YP Khanduri, GM at CSD, reviewed by TOI.
However, several senior executives of top international liquor companies said that the choice of CSD consumers or the armed forces and their families has been plundered. A senior executive of a major global liquor company told TOI, “While the decline in sales is true, it is not about consumer preference but about lack of choice. These consumers are currently choosing between Indian and foreign-made brands. can not do.”
CSD, arguably one of India’s largest retailers with 4,000 stores and an annual revenue of around Rs 20,000 crore, has banned 422 imported items directly from army canteens after PM Narendra Modi’s push for Atmanirbhar Bharat. decided to. At the same time, many domestic manufacturers, too, geared up to promote local sales of their indigenous malt whiskey and gin brands that were priced at or above their foreign counterparts.
“The growing acceptance of Indian brands of alcohol within CSD, especially premium alcohol, is a sign of the superior quality that Indian manufacturers are committed to delivery,” said. Vijay Kauthekar, EVP (Sales & Marketing), John DistilleriesMILF Producer Paul John Single malt range.
The total sale of liquor in CSD increased by 70% since the imposition of the ban in the same period last year. This is well ahead of the civilian market outside CSD where growth for the same period was 23%, the CIABC wrote in the letter.