Archana Puran Singh Reveals Why She Doesn’t Mind Kapil Sharma Mocking Her, Says ‘I Recognise The Love…’

Last Update: January 07, 2023, 17:09 IST

Archana Puran Singh reveals why she doesn't mind pulling Kapil Sharma's leg on the show.

Archana Puran Singh reveals why she doesn’t mind pulling Kapil Sharma’s leg on the show.

Archana Puran Singh reacts on why she listens to Kapil Sharma without any objection even though many on social media have suggested that she should give it back.

Television celebrity and actress Archana Puran Singh talks about her friendship with the comedian Kapil Sharma on his chat show. He also opened up about why he never felt bad about making fun of her or pulling her leg. Both are seen together in The Kapil Sharma Show to be aired on Sony channel.

In the show, viewers have often seen host Kapil Sharma pulling Archana Puran Singh’s leg. Kapil does not leave any chance to tease his colleague. While Archana happily participates, netizens have often expressed that she should have objected to it. As per a report in Indian Express, in the upcoming episode, Archana will reveal why she listens to Kapil Sharma without making any noise.

Archana Puran Singh begins by saying that many people on social media often ask her whether she feels bad about Kapil’s jokes about her or why she listens to him without uttering a word. She clarifies, “All I can say is that the bond we have since Comedy Circus is something very unique.” Here the actress is referring to Sony’s show Comedy Circus, where she used to be a judge and Kapil Sharma appeared as a participant. ,

Archana Puran Singh says that Kapil Sharma has become very mischievous ever since he got to know her. However, she does not mind his antics, in fact she appreciates them. “I recognize his love for me behind his pranks and jokes,” she says, reported the publication. Kapil Sharma gets overwhelmed hearing this and replies, “Thank you Archana ji, I love you.”

Motivational speakers Vivek Bindra, Khan Sir and Gaur Gopal Das will be seen as guests on Kapil Sharma’s show this weekend.

Apart from acting in various films including Jalwa, Agneepath, Saudagar, and Raja Hindustani, Archana Puran Singh also served as a judge on several comedy-based reality shows including Comedy Circus and India’s Laughter Champion. She has been seen in The Kapil Sharma Show for a long time.

The Kapil Sharma Show is a stand-up comedy and chat show that airs every weekend on Sony Entertainment Television. The first season of the show was aired on 23 April 2016.

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