Arbaaz Khan Says Malaika Arora, He Have Forgotten the Past, Are ‘Mainly Still Together’ for Their Son

Last Update: March 20, 2023, 08:43 AM IST

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan parted ways in 2017

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan parted ways in 2017

Talking about co-parenting Arhaan, Arbaaz Khan said that Malaika Arora and he have put aside all their issues and forgotten their past.

Arbaaz Khan recently opened up about co-parenting Arhaan Khan with his ex-wife Malaika Arora. The couple was married for several years before separating in 2017. Now, both have moved on in their lives but are there for their son Arhaan. He said that Malaika and he have put aside all their issues and forgotten their past and there is no enmity and anger. The actor also said that it is his responsibility to take care of his son.

When asked about the love Arhaan got for co-parenting, he told ETimes, “The basic thing is that when two married people separate, they go their separate ways for their personal differences , Isn’t it? It doesn’t matter why they split up. It could be that they have drifted apart or that they are not contributing to each other’s lives in the way that they are expected to. I am not talking about Malaika and me. I’m talking about relationships in general. When a married couple has children, they will never have a problem with their children, despite the fact that there are countless issues between the two adults. Am I right, different couples can have different issues, there’s always water under the bridge.”

Arbaaz further said, ‘Malaika and I have bypassed all that too. We have forgotten the past and realized that we have our whole life ahead. She has moved on, I have moved on. Where is the animosity or anger or frustration or anything like that? He is gone. At least for the sake of your child, you can come together and create the scenario that is so much needed. He is our child. We brought him into this world. It is our responsibility to take care of him.”

He addressed the trolling he has been receiving and said that people talk based on what they see him doing outside in front of the camera. But the same people are not present with him in his house to see what he does there. “I am constantly talking to Malaika about our son’s work, his career or his responsibilities and needs. I am in constant touch with him. Why not? Why should anyone be surprised if I talk to my ex-wife about her life to look after our son’s needs at university. If his phone is busy, I will call the next person, she is his mother, my ex-wife,” Arbaaz added.

Arbaaz said that if the separated parents stop talking to each other, it can cause trauma to the child. He then reveals that Arhaan has accepted that his parents have moved on and are fine. He emphasized that Malaika and he have moved on but are on very good terms.

“It is very clear that co-parenting is happening, because both Malaika and I are in the limelight. Like I said earlier, we are doing all this for our child. It cannot be denied that Malaika and I have parted ways. We are very cordial towards each other. We are on very good terms. But we are still together mainly for our son. And we will continue to do so. We only have one child,” Arbaaz said.

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