Apple iPhone Users Finally Get Battery Percentage Icon With New iOS 16 Beta, But Is It More Convenient?

Apple iPhone has finally got back the battery percentage indicator after years of being removed. The battery percentage indicator is back on iPhones with the latest iOS 16 beta that brings few other features to iPhones.

The battery percentage indicator was removed from the iPhone back in 2017 with the Apple iPhone X because there wasn’t enough space due to the notch. Earlier, the iPhone used to show battery percentage on the left of the battery icon, but now users have to swipe down to the Control Center to be able to see the battery percentage. With the latest iOS 16 beta, Apple has finally listened to the users and brought the battery percentage indicator back, and this time, it shows the battery percentage within the battery icon on the top of the screen.

Now, this feature is not on by default and those who have access to iOS beta will have to turn on the battery percentage indicator. To do that, users need to go into Settings > Battery > turn on Battery Percentage toggle. The option is not available for the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, and the iPhone 13 Mini. It is not known why, but is said to change with the final rollout.

Now, users are having issues with the new battery indicator. This is because in order to show the text, the battery icon needs to appear full. This means that even if your phone’s battery is 10 percent, the icon will appear full, but will show 10. This could lead to a lot of confusion as we are very used to seeing the battery icon to determine the amount of battery left in the phone. Just imagine a full battery icon that reads 10 – not something that goes with the overall visuals that we are so used to.

While the status bar in the battery icon does not tell you the exact percentage of battery left, it is much easier to determine how much you have left with a status icon. Now, while numbers are more specific, we don’t know how easy it will make it for times when you just glance at the icon to see if you need charge.

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