Apple iPad: Apple may explore iPads with bigger displays in the future – Times of India

Apple New launched this year ipad Powered with M1 chip: 11-inch and 12.9-inch ipad professionals. What size should be the ideal tablet has always been a matter of debate which has launched tablets of display sizes ranging from 8 inches to 12.9 inches in the market. And for its next iPad, Apple may have decided to go the way of the big display, as claimed by Mark Gurman in his ‘Power On’ newsletter for Bloomberg. Gurman claims in the newspaper that Apple has engineers and designers inventing the larger form factor. He also said that these new iPads are still years away from being launched, “a few years down the road at the earliest.”
Are screens going to be bigger than 12.9 inches? A display of 13-inches or more will make the device more likely to be preferred by customers who are buying it primarily to use it as a laptop. This means even investing in the Magic Keyboard will cost them extra. How will potential buyers who are not using the iPad as a PC react to it? Now everything is blurry as nothing has been announced or indicated by Apple on the matter.
The best-selling iPad in Q1 2021 has been the entry-level 10.2-inch 8th generation apple ipad, according to a report by Counterpoint Research. According to Counterpoint senior analyst Liz Lee, “The original iPad models accounted for 56% of overall iPad shipments in Q1 2021.” The pills that came in second and third were IPAD air and the iPad Pro Series, with 19% and 18% shares, respectively. “As consumers are increasingly concerned about prices and portability, the latest iPad 8 has emerged as the best-selling model,” Lee said.
With that in mind, possible moves by Apple to make an iPad with a larger display seem contradictory. Since the entry-level iPad is already a hit with customers around the world, perhaps the tech giant is looking to make the bigger tablet an even bigger fan.


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