Apple iOS 16 announced at WWDC 2022: All the new features iPhone users will get soon

Apple, during its WWDC 2022 keynote, has announced the next version of iOS, iOS 16 that brings an update to the lock screen, and new sharing, communication and intelligence features aimed at enhancing your iPhone experience.

Apple iOS 16 also introduced iCloud Shared Photo Library for seamless sharing of photos and videos with family, updates to Messages and Mail that help users stay in touch with ease, and live text and visual look-up. Powerful enhancements to. Let’s take a look at everything new with iOS 16. The new software will be rolled out in beta next month, with a full rollout later this year.

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Customizable Lock Screen

Apple plans to make the iPhone lock screen more personal and useful iOS 16, Users will be able to set a custom image on their lock screen, and the photo will be set against the time on the lock screen. Users can also change the look and feel of the date and time with different styles and color options. As per earlier reports, the lock screen also gets widgets iOS 16.

The Lock Screen gallery also has a range of options for your lock screen, including Apple’s own collections, including Pride and Unity to celebrate special cultural moments; A weather wallpaper to see live weather conditions as they change throughout the day; And an astronomy wallpaper for Earth, Moon and Solar System views. Users can also create their own lock screen using their favorite emoji or color combination. With multiple lock screens, users can switch between their favorites with just one swipe, much like changing the watch face on the Apple Watch.

new notifications

Notifications have been redesigned to roll from the bottom up, ensuring users have a clear view of their personal lock screen.

Updated focus mode

Focus Mode on iOS 16 is more powerful, easier to set up, and now connects to the lock screen, giving users a way to associate lock screen wallpapers and widgets with a particular focus. To activate Focus, users can simply swipe up on the respective lock screen. With focus filters, apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari can only display content that’s relevant to a user’s focus, helping them find a better balance.

Apple iCloud Shared Photo Library for easy sharing among family

Apple iCloud Shared Photo Library is a new feature that gives families a new and easier way to share photos with a separate iCloud library that holds up to six contributors. All six members of this iCloud library can collaborate, contribute, and edit photos in the shared library. Users can choose to share existing photos from their personal libraries, or choose to share based on the start date or the people in the photo. A user can also choose to automatically send photos to the shared library using a new button in the Camera app.

update messages

The Messages app on iPhone is also getting a major update with iOS 6. With the new update, users can edit or “unsend” recently sent messages, recover recently deleted messages, and mark conversations as unread so they can return to those messages later. But to come back. Plus, SharePlay is coming to Messages, which makes it possible to enjoy synced content like movies or songs, and shared playback controls all while chatting in Messages.

new tools for mail

With the iOS 16 update for the Mail app, users can schedule emails ahead of time and are given a moment to cancel delivery of the message before it reaches the recipient’s inbox. In iOS 16, Mail will also detect if a user forgot to include an important part of their message, such as an attachment. Users have the option to resubmit a message at any date and time with a reminder letter, and follow up suggestions automatically remind users to follow up on an email if they haven’t received a response. Is.

Live text and visual look up enhancements

Live Text on iOS 16 will use on-device intelligence to recognize text in images in iOS, and now it’s expanding to include video. Users can pause the video at any frame and interact with the text. Live Text also adds the ability for users to quickly convert currency, translate text, and more.

Visual Look Up takes Photos further by introducing a new feature that allows users to tap and hold the subject of an image to lift it from the background and place it in other apps like Messages. The visual look up also extends to identifying birds, insects and sculptures.

Next Generation of CarPlay

With iOS 16, Apple is integrating CarPlay deeply with the car’s hardware. CarPlay will be able to provide content for multiple screens within the vehicle. It will allow users to do things like control the radio or change the climate directly through Apple CarPlay, and using vehicle data, CarPlay will provide speed, fuel level, temperature and more on users’ instrument clusters. Users will also be able to personalize their driving experience by choosing different gauge cluster designs, and there is support for widgets, meaning users will have at-a-glance information from the weather and music on their car’s dashboard.


The developer preview of iOS 16 is available to members of the Apple Developer Program at starting today, and a public beta will be available to iOS users at next month in July. The new software feature will be available to all iPhone users this fall.

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