Apple adds karaoke feature to its music service; Now users will able to do THIS

New Delhi: A new karaoke option has been added by Cupertino-based Apple to its music service. “Apple Music Sing” is a karaoke-style option built into Apple Music that uses real-time lyrics. With customizable vocals, it enables users to sing along to millions of songs while listening to their own voice.

Apple Music Sing Mode will be made available to all Apple Music customers worldwide later this month on devices including iPhone, iPad and the brand-new Apple TV 4K, according to the business. “The lyrical experience in Apple Music is regularly one of our favorite aspects of the service,” commented Oliver Schusser, Vice President, Apple Music and Beats.

We wanted to further develop this product to enable even greater engagement with music through singing as we already know how much our customers around the world enjoy singing along to their favorite songs. It’s incredibly enjoyable, and our customers will love it,” commented Schusser.

According to the business, this new karaoke-style mode has features like changeable vocals, background vocals and duet view, showing real-time lyrics to the users. The Cupertino-based startup will soon offer Sing over 50 comparison playlists. These will include world famous anthems, choruses, duets and epic karaoke tunes.