Animal: Ranbir Kapoor Asked Tripti Dimri ‘Are You Comfortable’ During Their Intimate Scene Shoot – News18

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Last Updated: December 10, 2023, 07:29 IST

Triptii Dimri opens up on shooting intimate scene with Ranbir Kapoor in Animal. (Photo: X)

Triptii Dimri opens up on shooting intimate scene with Ranbir Kapoor in Animal. (Photo: X)

Triptii Dimri revealed that not more than five people were allowed while her intimate scene with Ranbir Kapoor was shot.

Ever since the release of Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial Animal, Ranbir Kapoor and Triptii Dimri have become the talk of the town. Their chemistry in the film is being widely loved by all and the videos of their intimate scenes have gone viral on social media. However, in a recent interview, Triptii opened up about shooting intimate scenes with Ranbir when she revealed how the latter kept asking her if she was okay and comfortable. Triptii mentioned that not more than five people were allowed while the scene was shot and that all the monitors were shut.

“Luckily, in my case, I’ve been dealing with whether I was doing the rape scene in Bulbull (her 2020 Netflix film) or this one, they kept asking me if I am okay. They also ensured that there were no more than five people, including the director, the DOP, and the actors during the scene. Nobody else was allowed on set, all the monitors were shut, and they were like, ‘this is the scene we are doing. If at any point you feel you’re uncomfortable, let us know. We’ll go at your pace,” Triptii said as quoted by Instant Bollywood.

“Every five minutes, Ranbir Kapoor was checking up on me and asking, ‘Are you okay, are you comfortable?’ I think these things really matter. People are sensitive to these things,” the actress added.

This comes days after Triptii also talked about the Animal scene in which Ranbir Kapoor’s character Vijay Singh asked her to lick his shoe to prove that she truly loved him. “It reminded me of what my acting coach had told me, the golden rule: Never judge your character,” Tripti told Indian and added, “The characters you are playing, the character your c0-actor is playing, all are human and humans have good and bad side. An actor must be prepared to play characters across the spectrum of good, bad and ugly, but if you judge a character’s motivations, thoughts, you won’t be able to play it with honesty. So that’s what I kept in mind.”

Meanwhile, following the success of Animal, Triptii is now likely being considered for Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s next film titled Spirit. If she gets roped in for the film, she will be sharing the screen with Prabhas. While nothing has been confirmed yet, excited fans hope to watch Prabhas and Tripti together.