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Thiruvananthapuram: Cabinet’s decision to extend the tenure of state police chief Anil Kanto This is the first instance when an incumbent state police chief is being given extension of tenure for a substantial period from the date of retirement of the officer in the state. Based on the decision of the Supreme Court Prakash Singh Vs Union Of India And in another matter, the state cabinet on Wednesday decided to extend the tenure of state police chief Anil Kant till June 30, 2023, to ensure a two-year term for the officer as police chief.
Anil Kant is at number three IPS Officer who has been given extension while serving as DGP in the state. In 1991, DGP AV Venkatachalam was given an extension for three months by UDF government, and later in 1996, DGP KV Rajagopalan Nair was also given an extension for a month by the then LDF government. However, these extensions were granted for administrative reasons.
A 1988 batch officer, Anil Kant was due to retire from service on January 31, 2022. He took over as the state police chief on July 1 this year.
in your decision Prakash Singh The Supreme Court had said that the state police chiefs should be given a two-year term in this post. Later, the court amended its decision and said that a candidate to be considered for the post of state police chief should have at least six months remaining in service, so as to avoid the preferential treatment of those officers by political parties. May those who are in this position be saved. On the verge of retirement.
“An effort should be made by all concerned to see that the person who was selected and appointed as Director General of Police continues irrespective of the date of his retirement. However, the extended period after the date of superannuation should be a reasonable period We say so because it has been brought to our notice that some States have adopted the practice of appointing Director General of Police on the last date of retirement, as a result of which the person continues for two years after the date of his retirement. Such practice would not be in accordance with the spirit of the directive,” the court had said.
Though the court’s decision is to offer a two-year term, section 97 of the Kerala Police Act, 2011 is not in line with the court’s decision. It said that the government would ensure a minimum tenure of two years for police officers posted as police chiefs of the state, but this tenure would not be applicable in cases of retirement, promotion, repatriation, suspension, leave etc.
But the Supreme Court, while modifying the judgment in the Prakash Singh case in 2018, also said that any law or rule made by any state or the Center against the direction of the court shall remain in abeyance, due to which the provisions of the Kerala Police Act to Anil Kant. may be sidelined by the State Government in granting extension.