Android Users Will Soon Be Able to “Self-Share” With This Upcoming Feature

Nearby Share feature is available on all Android phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

Google launched the Near Share feature back in 2020 for Android phones running Android 6.0 or above.

  • Last Update:19 Jan 2022, 13:32 IST
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Google has a Nearby Share feature that allows Android Users can easily share files with each other, such as Apple’s AirDrop Speciality. The company has recently brought Near Share here Windows PC Also, and now it is reportedly working on further expansion of this feature. According to a recent report, Google Nearby is adding a new tool to the app that will allow users to share files with them. The new tool called Self Share will allow users to send files to themselves without the use of email or cloud drives.

According to the report of a website named Chrome Story, Google’s Self Share feature will work to transfer data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Chrome OS or Android device. Google is reportedly rolling out amendments to Nearby Share to allow users to share files with them. The feature was spotted in an experimental flag in Chromium Gerrit, suggesting that the feature will be an extension of the Nearby Share tool. The report states that the update will allow users to share files between their devices through the Near Share tool. After the feature goes live, there will be a new “Send to your devices” option in the Nearby share menu. Separately, another report states that the Self Share feature will be available on devices and platforms outside Chrome OS as well.

Google to launch Near Share feature for Android in 2020 as a competitor Apple AirDrop feature that allows users to easily share files between two Android phones. Now, this feature has been extended to Windows PC.

On Windows PCs, however, the Near-Share feature works through Google Chrome, The feature on Windows PC automatically selects the best protocol for sending files, which can be Bluetooth, WebRTC, Wi-Fi or others. Google previously said the feature would appear on PCs sold by acer And Himachal Pradesh The latter will start in 2022. The company hasn’t yet detailed how it will work on Windows PCs.

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