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So the dust has settled on the new iPhones unveiled by Apple a few days ago. Dissection hasn’t started yet, but we know what’s new iphone 13 series Will offer more or less. Naysayers are in full swing about Apple not offering anything ‘new’, but that’s kind of expected. Even then, iphone 13 The series has features that Android The phone can’t boast. Here are some of them:
A feature to please mobile ‘filmmakers’
Every year Apple gets a feature iPhone The camera that prompts people to sit up and take notice. This year it will be cinematic mode. During the keynote, Apple demonstrated it and it looked really cool. Cinematic mode is – to put it very simply – a portrait mode for video. Using this mode, one can automatically focus on specific subjects. You can completely blur a person in the background or make someone in the foreground appear clearer. You will not find this feature in any popular Android phone. What’s more, it won’t be limited to Pro phones as it is available in the iPhone 13 series.
Double the storage in the ‘Base’ variant
Now you might be wondering what’s the big deal in this as the popular Android phone – namely the OnePlus 9 Pro – offers a 128GB variant as the entry point. But what Apple did is not increase the price and this series has it’s storage. So for the same price as the iPhone 12, you end up getting twice the storage for the same amount. For a company that often gets bricked for higher-priced products, Apple has traveled less in 2021.
Faster processor than most smartphones
Again, this is nothing ‘new’ but it really is. We’ve come to expect the iPhone processor to be blazing fast and Apple keeps improving it every year. With the iPhone 13 series, you get the A15 Bionic processor which – according to benchmark tests – is faster than popular Android phones.
Another Camera Convenience for Video Professionals
Like Cinematic Mode, another addition to the video camera capabilities will be ProRes. For professionals, the ProRes codec offers really low compression and high color fidelity. It is reportedly used for shooting TV commercials and even movies. However, the ProRes feature will be available on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.


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