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Android: Google tells you how to make the Phone 13 ‘look’ like an Android phone – Times of India

Google’s apps are widely popular around the world. stay at it Android Phone or iPhone, apps like Gmail, Search, Maps are used by people all over the world. Apple hasn’t changed the ‘look’ of the home screen for years iPhone whereas Google Lots of customization options with Android. With iOS 14 in 2020, Apple replaced this with a screen widget and made it more ‘Android-ish’. And now after the launch iphone 13Google is giving ‘tips’ to make it like an Android phone.
In a blog post titled “Bring the best of Google to your iPhone 13,” Luke Wroblewski, Director of iOS at Google, shares some tips to help you bring the best of Google to iOS.

home screen personalization

The big Android feature in iPhones is widgets and Google wants users to make the most of them. And yes, use more Google Apps As much as possible. “For example, you can search the web, track your commute, review your latest workouts, and access your favorite playlists with our Google apps, Google Maps, Google Fit, and YouTube Music widgets.” Let’s see together,” Wroblewski wrote in the blog.


Widgets aren’t the only option

Some people may not like the idea of ​​widgets on the iPhone. After all it is the iPhone and not the Android phone and Google has a solution for this too. “If you prefer to keep your home screen away from distractions (except for pictures of your dog, of course), try Smart Stack. A smart stack of Google Widgets lets you organize your home screen even better. and keep your favorite Google apps ready,” notes Wroblewski.

Make Chrome your go-to browser

Google wants iPhone users to make Chrome their default browser. If you’re signed in to Chrome and syncing, your tabs will sync across any of your devices using Chrome, and your saved passwords and autofill information will be ready to use. As the default browser, Chrome also integrates with Spotlight. So when you search for something using Spotlight, Chrome is helping you get the results you’re looking for.


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