Andhra Pradesh government gives Rs 703 crore credit to beneficiaries of welfare schemes

The Andhra Pradesh government deposited Rs 703 crore in the bank accounts of 9,30,809 eligible beneficiaries, which were earlier not considered due to various reasons for the welfare schemes and programs implemented by the government.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that earlier people used to wait and run to avail the benefits of welfare schemes, but now the situation has changed, where schemes are being delivered to the doorstep of the beneficiaries.

As part of this initiative, the Andhra government will re-verify those who are eligible and have not availed benefits and will provide welfare schemes in June and December every year.

The objective is to reach welfare schemes to every eligible person in the state without leaving anyone behind.

The CM alleged that in the previous TDP tenure, the government had tried to reduce the number of beneficiaries by providing welfare schemes only through Janmabhoomi committees and always took a back seat in distributing welfare schemes to the people, to exclude Tried my best. As many people as possible.

“However, we took only the eligibility as bar and are providing welfare benefits in a transparent manner irrespective of their caste, religion or political affiliation,” he said.

Going into details, the CM said that the number of beneficiaries and the amount being spent on them has increased at a large rate and has given priority to welfare even in the times of Covid when there was a fall in revenue.

Earlier, only 39 lakh people got a pension of Rs 1,000 per month in the form of a monthly bill of Rs 400 crore.

The Chief Minister said that the present government has increased the pension amount to Rs 2,250 and is providing pension at their doorstep to more than 61 lakh beneficiaries every month with an expenditure of Rs 1,450 crore.

Through this initiative, Rs 470.40 crore to 2,50,929 beneficiaries under YSR Cheyutha, Rs 7.67 crore to 1,136 people under YSR Aasra, Rs 53.51 crore to 59,661 people under YSR Sunna Vaddi Runalu (Female), Rs 58.89 crore 2 To, 86,059 people under YSR Rythu Bharosa, Rs 19.92 crore to 31,940 people under Vidya Deevena, Rs 39.82 crore to 43,010 people under Vasathi Deevena, Rs 19.47 crore to 12,983 people under Kapu Nestam, Rs 8.09 crore under Vahan Mitra Rs.8080 people, Rs.3.79 crore to 3788 people under Matskara Bharosa, and Rs.1.91 crore to 794 people under Nethanna Nestam. Apart from these, 1,10,986 people are being given house leases, 1,51,562 people are being given pension cards, 3,07,599 people are given rice cards and 1,14,129 people are being given Arogyashri cards.

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