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America’s support in Afghanistan paid a ‘very heavy price’: Imran Khan

Imran Khan expressed his anger towards US officials for blaming Pakistan for the crisis.

Islamabad [Pakistan]:

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan has paid a “very heavy price” for supporting the US in its occupation of Afghanistan, adding that US politicians have blamed Islamabad for its humiliating return.

In an interview with Russia Today, Khan expressed his anger towards US officials who pointed fingers at Islamabad for America’s failure in Afghanistan.

His remarks came as an example of this dismal rhetoric after a recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing where US lawmakers accused Pakistan of facilitating the Taliban.

“As a Pakistani, I am deeply saddened by some of the remarks made by those senators. It is the most painful thing for us to blame Pakistan for this debacle in Afghanistan,” he said.

When the 9/11 terror attacks took place in America, then Pakistan was in a trembling state. Pervez Musharraf, a general who came to power through a military coup, had just been elected president and was seeking US aid for his government.

The commitment of Pakistani support to the invasion of Afghanistan helped secure US military aid, but, Khan believes, was still a wrong call.

It isolated the Mujahideen forces, which Pakistani intelligence had helped build two decades earlier as part of America’s anti-Soviet campaign in Afghanistan.

“We have trained them to fight against foreign occupation. It was a holy war, a jihad,” he said.

With the Americans attacking, Pakistan was telling the same people that “the fight against the Americans was terrorism. So they turned against us. They called us allies.”


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