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Alert of fake corona vaccine in Punjab: Health department sent letter to all districts, orders for monitoring of vaccines; Private hospitals are getting medicines at their level, so there is room for disturbance

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  • The government was blown away, the center issued a letter in a hurry, now the vaccines will have to be monitored, the health department does not keep an eye on private centers

Amritsar10 hours ago

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The third wave of Corona is knocking. Experts are constantly giving warnings. The crisis is hitting its head. In the midst of all this, there has been news of getting a fake vaccine, due to which the senses of the Punjab government have been blown away. The Health Department has given instructions to take precautions regarding fake vaccines in hospitals and vaccine centers of all the districts. Along with this, health officials have also been instructed to be very cautious.

Fake Coveshield in Southeast Asia and Africa
A letter in this regard has been issued by the Central Health Department to the state governments and then from the state government to the civil surgeons of the district. According to this, fake Kovidshield vaccine has been identified in Southeast Asia and Africa. This has been confirmed by the company making Kovishield vaccine and the WHO. According to the letter issued by the Centre, the consignment of Kovishield vaccine was not supplied by the manufacturer. After this news, there was panic and the vaccine was tested. In the investigation, the vaccine has been confirmed to be fake. It is believed that more cases of fake vaccine supplies may come to the fore.

monitoring will be increased
Dr. Renu Bhatia, District Immunization Officer, Amritsar said that the challenge has increased after the news of fake vaccines. Till now people were being motivated to get the vaccine and an alert has been issued regarding fake vaccines of these conditions. The news of getting a fake vaccine can create confusion among people. Instructions have been given to maintain special vigil in this regard. Along with this, monitoring of supply chain will also be increased.

Corona vaccination campaign is in full swing in Amritsar.

Corona vaccination campaign is in full swing in Amritsar.

Government consignment is being investigated, private center Ram Bharosa
Dr. Bhatia said that full care is being taken on the supply of medicines by the Civil Surgeon. Not only this, the medicine is also coming after checking from the State Distribution Center. But, private centers get their own supplies. The government agency is not investigating the coveshield vaccination going to them. If they are buying the medicine themselves, they will also keep an eye on the injection themselves.

real coveshield identify that

  • A genuine CoveShield vial bottle with the SII product label shade in dark green, the brand name with the trademark and dark green aluminum flip-off seal.
  • The SII logo is printed on the adhesive of the label and at a different angle. Which only those select few can accurately identify.
  • The letters are printed in special white ink to be more clear and readable.
  • According to the parameters, a special texture is assigned to the entire label, which is visible only at a specific angle.

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