Air India Sats Introduces AeroWash, India’s First Aircraft Dry Washing Robot

Leading airport service management company Air India SATS (AISATS) has introduced India’s first robotic dry wash service for exterior finish of aircraft. AISATS has launched this cleaning technology – ‘AeroWash’ in association with AeroTech Support Services Pvt. Ltd. is a globally renowned name in implementing sustainable aviation solutions. This milestone reflects AISATS’ commitment to the adoption of innovative technologies and sustainable practices that contribute to the development of a sustainable aviation future. The AeroWash system uses advanced robotic technology to offer mechanized and efficient exterior cleaning for aircraft. With its wireless remote control operation and lightweight, flexible brush, AeroWash ensures superior cleaning results while maintaining utmost safety for aircraft and operators.

Comprehensive washing program guarantees time efficiency, thus reducing ground time, minimum human intervention and protection of critical areas that are not covered under manual cleaning process, a total solution for maintaining cleanliness and appearance of aircraft provides.

With the introduction of AeroWash, AISATS aims to deliver significant cost savings for airlines while aligning with India’s vision of sustainability. The advanced cleaning capabilities not only contribute to the reduction of aerodynamic drag but also result in fuel savings and reduction in carbon footprint.

Commenting on the launch of the innovative solution, Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO, AISATS, said, “We are delighted to introduce Aerowash using dry washing solution in association with Aerotech Support Services for the Indian aviation industry. Absence of standardized procedures and manual Heavy reliance on cleaning systems poses significant challenges in India. AeroWash will transform aircraft cleaning practices, ensuring higher efficiency and reducing resource consumption. The new addition to our service reflects AISATS’ dedication to sustainability and advanced and An example of our relentless pursuit of the environment. Friendly solutions in the aviation industry.”

Dr. Ashwani Khanna, Aerotech Support Services, said, “We are delighted to associate with AISATS, a leading airport service management company, to introduce the state-of-the-art technology “AeroWash” tool; With dry wash process; To offer an innovative, efficient and eco-friendly solution to the Indian aviation industry. This represents a remarkable leap forward in the way aircraft exterior cleaning will be viewed as a sustainability tool in India.

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“By periodically incorporating AeroWash equipment as part of exterior cleaning operations, airlines can achieve significant fuel savings, lower carbon emissions, enhance the brand image for the airline and improve their overall profitability. AeroWash cleans beyond what is visible to the naked eye and provides a polished finish that reduces skin friction drag on the aircraft,” he said.

AISATS has introduced several sustainable solutions for the Indian aviation sector. It recently unveiled a pioneering solar-powered passenger ramp bridge at Hyderabad and Delhi airports. Additionally, the company deployed EV buses at the Bangalore airport, furthering its commitment towards environmental sustainability.