Air India ‘peegate’: CEO says mulling ban on alcohol services in flight after Shankar Mishra fiasco

Air India CEO Wilson Campbell said in a statement that the airline is reviewing its policy on serving alcohol to passengers on flights following the urination incident. The decision comes after a passenger, Shankar Mishra, got drunk and urinated on a 70-year-old co-passenger on the airline’s flight. The airline also grounded the crew members and the pilot of the aircraft for mishandling the incident. Along with this, the CEO of the Tata-owned airline apologized to the passengers after the incident and promised to cooperate with the investigation.

In its statement, Wilson Campbell said, “Air India is deeply concerned about in-flight instances where customers have suffered due to reprehensible acts of their co-passengers on board our aircraft. We regret these experiences and It hurts.”

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Air India acknowledges that it could have handled these matters better, both in the air and on the ground, and is committed to taking action.” With questions raised about the airline not immediately reporting the unruly passenger to law enforcement authorities, he Employees are advised to report all incidents regardless of settlement.

“In respect of the incident on AI-102 operating between New York and Delhi on November 26, 2022, show cause notices have been issued to four cabin crew and one pilot pending inquiry,” he added. Whether lapses are being committed by other employees.

The airline is examining aspects including service of alcohol on flights, incident handling, complaint registration and complaint handling on board.

As a responsible airline brand, Air India has undertaken an extensive education program to strengthen staff awareness and compliance of policies for handling incidents and unruly passengers so that such incidents materialize in future. can be done and improved. The airline is reviewing its “policy on serving alcohol in flight,” he said, without elaborating.

Also, it is reviewing the frequency of meeting of the ‘Internal Committee’ set by the DGCA, tasked with assessing incidents, to assess cases and reach decisions more timely.

“To improve the robustness of its legacy incident reporting processes, which are currently paper-based and manual, Air India signed a letter of intent in December 2022 to market-leading provider of incident management software, Coruson license may be obtained.” Told