Air Force Officer Accuses Police Sub-Inspector Of Illicit Relationship With His Wife, DNA Test SHOCKS

In a shocking revelation, an Air Force personnel living in Prayagraj’s Police Kotwali area has alleged that a police officer had an illicit relationship with his wife, which resulted in the birth of a child. The veracity of the claim has been confirmed by a DNA test. This shocking revelation has left the Air Force personnel’s family in splits. The complaint was formally lodged with the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) on Wednesday.

According to the Air Force personnel, he was married in 2005. The constable’s sister, presently posted at a police post at Manjhanapur Kotwali, was a close friend of his wife. During the posting of a police officer in Rajasthan, he and the Air Force personnel’s wife allegedly developed a relationship. When she became pregnant in 2014, there were suspicions. The following year, during a family event, the Air Force personnel learned the truth about his wife’s involvement.

A DNA test was conducted on 31 May 2015, in an attempt to establish the paternity of the child born of the alleged relationship. Test results proved conclusively that he was not the biological father. In the wake of this revelation, Air Force personnel seized the police officer’s mobile phone, which revealed explicit conversations with his wife. Additionally, he accused the police officer of selling a valuable piece of land in his wife’s name. However, the accused police officer denies all the allegations.

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At present, the investigation of the case is going on, ASP Samar Bahadur has taken command of the case. He assured that the investigation would be done with utmost sincerity. The matter is not recent and the facts related to the allegations will be examined in the investigation.

“I have family relations with him…”

In response to the allegations, the police officer says that he has already divorced the Air Force personnel’s wife. Besides, a land dispute between them was earlier reported at the Additional Director General (ADG) level. To make matters worse, the police officer’s wife currently lives in Lucknow, which is also his hometown. He clarifies that he has family ties to her and that his suspicion of helping her is unfounded.

The police officer’s wife is no longer with him.

CO City Abhishek Singh will lead the investigation into the serious allegations against the police officer posted at Sadar Kotwali. The ex-serviceman has accused him of having an illicit relationship with his wife and illegally selling a valuable piece of land. The matter came to light on Thursday and ASP Samar Bahadur has handed over the investigation to CO City Abhishek Singh. The police officer claims that he has already divorced his wife and the land dispute is a separate issue between them. He denies the allegations, attributing the false claims to his ex-wife’s assistance. The matter was first brought before the High Court, where justice prevailed. He reiterated that he has parted ways with his wife and the land dispute has nothing to do with the allegations against him.