Agra: Two brothers including five boys drowned in two separate incidents. Agra News – Times of India

Agra: Five boys. Two separate deaths including two brothers Drowning events in Agra on Sunday.
Police said six friends, all residents Baghrena Village went to Pinahat block Chambal Canal For a bath around noon. They were all sitting together when Ankit (15) suddenly slipped into the canal. He tried to get out but due to the strong current of water, he started drowning. To save Ankit, his friends Bhola (18), Shiva (14) and Golu (18) jumped into the canal.
Some people pulled Golu out with a towel, while his other friends drowned. The police, who reached the spot, called divers, who pulled the three victims out of the canal after releasing the water for half an hour. The police took all of them to the Community Health Center from where they were referred to SN Medical College. The doctors of the medical college declared him brought dead.
According to the information, Ankit, a Class X student, was the only son of his parents, while Bhola was the youngest of seven siblings.
In another incident, two brothers, Sunil (12) and Yash (5) were going to bathe in the Parvati river when they drowned. His parents, Yatendra Kumar and his wife Kasan Devi, who are residents of Nagla Beria village in Sayan block, were working in their farm at the time of the accident.
Police said that when their children did not return even after an hour, they went to search them and found them submerged in the river. Police said by the time the boys were pulled out of the water, they were already dead.