After Karnataka crisis, Pegasus may have played a role in downfall of my government: Kamal Nath

Claiming that Pegasus spyware had a role in the collapse of the Karnataka government, Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath here on Wednesday slammed the Center for spying on opponents, the media and those criticizing the central government.

The spying with the help of Pegasus had nothing to do with national security, but is linked to the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nath said, claiming more exposure for the foreseeable future.

He said that if the Center says that it did not buy spyware from Israel, why can’t it say so in an affidavit with the Supreme Court of India. The veteran Congress leader demanded a probe into the dispute through a sitting judge of the Supreme Court with the consent of the opposition.

The French government immediately ordered an inquiry into the allegations, so why could this not happen in India, asked Nath, who claimed that the Indian government not only bought spyware from Israel but to spy on opponents, media and critics. Licensed also. .

There are three ways of tapping phones – landlines, tapping cell phones or through spyware like Pegasus, which infiltrate the phones and computers of targeted persons and deliver data to desired locations, the senior leader said.

He said that PM Modi visited Israel in 2017 and spying of Pegasus started in December of the same year and spyware landed in India in 2018-19, he added that he was not linking the visit to spyware but it is a fact.

“When the state government was toppled in Karnataka, Pegasus is said to have been used,” Nath said, and when asked whether his own government was also used when he was toppled, he said that Maybe because the MLAs kept at the Bengaluru resort were used to take the phones of the employees to talk to them claiming that their cell phones were being tapped.

“I said it was the government of the deal (horse-trading).”

Asked for comment on Union minister Prahlad Patel’s claims of call tapping, Nath said he probably received threats from the minister, who knows that Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s phone was also tapped, he said with a smile.

He said that e-tendering was exposed in the previous tenure of Shivraj government, but the investigation of seven e-tenders was stopped and he had ordered the authorities to widen the investigation and it would reach to 90-100 suspicious tenders. I went. But after my government was toppled, nothing happened, he said, adding that he did not use the probe to hunt down anyone as he was busy working for the state.

Criticizing the BJP for skyrocketing inflation, he said that there has been an unprecedented increase in the prices of fuel, pulses, cooking gas, milk, eggs and other essential items, which is causing distress to every section. Nath claimed that the middle class is troubled while many poor have become beggars.

‘I’m not leaving MP’

Putting to rest speculations that he will take on a crucial responsibility in the AICC, Nath clarified that he had met Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi, but wanted to make it clear that he was not going anywhere from Madhya Pradesh. There were reports that Nath may be appointed AICC president in the near future after Rahul Gandhi expressed his reluctance to take up the post again.

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