Afghanistan earthquake: Second batch of relief material delivered, Afghan leadership thanks India for its support

Second consignment of relief material sent by India arrived after the deadly earthquake Afghanistan The Union Ministry of External Affairs announced this through a tweet on Friday morning.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in a tweet, “India’s second consignment of earthquake relief assistance to the people of Afghanistan has arrived in Kabul.”

India had earlier sent another consignment of relief material which reached Afghanistan on Thursday evening. The MEA also shared pictures of the consignment being prepared to reach the people affected by the earthquake.

India has sent 27 tonnes of emergency relief aid to Afghanistan.

An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale struck Afghanistan’s Paktika province, killing more than 1,000 people and injuring more than 1,500. The crisis is exacerbated when the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan sanctions has pushed the country into economic collapse as its citizens suffer from a food crisis.

The relief material sent to Afghanistan includes family ridge tents, sleeping bags, blankets, sleeping mats etc. The items will be handed over to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) and the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) in Kabul.

India reiterated that in this hour of crisis, it will stand by Afghanistan in this hour of crisis. “India stands with the people of Afghanistan, with whom we have centuries-old ties, and is strongly committed to providing immediate relief assistance to the Afghan people,” the Ministry of External Affairs said.

However, India deployed two strategic teams to ensure effective delivery of humanitarian aid. The team reached Kabul on Thursday and has stationed itself at the embassy.

Ahead of the team’s tour of Kabul, a separate team also visited Afghanistan to assess the security situation.

The Taliban leadership in Afghanistan thanked India for its support and welcomed the initiative to bring back diplomats and technical teams to its embassy in Kabul.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan welcomes India’s decision to return its diplomats and technical team to its embassy in Kabul to continue its relations with the Afghan people and their humanitarian assistance. The return of Indian diplomats to Afghanistan and the reopening of the embassy demonstrate that security is established in the country, and that all political and diplomatic rights are respected,” the Taliban leadership said in a statement.

However, concerns remain despite the above statement after the deadly attack on the Karta Parwan Gurudwara, which resulted in two deaths and raised questions about the security provided by Taliban leaders to religious minorities.

The Taliban added to their above statement and invited other countries to reopen their embassies and said they would provide security to the complex.

However, the nations are likely to deliberate on how to respond to the crisis currently affecting thousands of Afghans affected by the earthquake and reopening their embassies later.

However, India, due to its history of responding to humanitarian crises on a global scale, engaged with the leadership in Kabul to ensure that the people of Afghanistan had access to food, medicine and essentials as they were exposed to the effects of the earthquake. as well as recovering from their weak economy.

(with inputs from Shalinder Wangu)

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