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Afghan diplomats urge world to dismiss Taliban, expose violence against women, activists, journalists

In a statement this week, Afghan diplomats from the Ghani-led government in Kabul urged global diaspora to reject the Taliban.

“The tragic scene showing the Taliban coming to power by force and declaring their government made up of UN-sanctioned terrorists is a complete reflection of the global failure to fight terrorism in Afghanistan. It is also a sad reminder that the lack of international resolve to fight and oppose terrorism in all its forms and manifestations gives terrorist groups room to succeed in their pursuit of violence as a political instrument,” read the statement.

The statement was signed by two dozen officials who were operating in a sort of diplomatic twilight, with no government to represent, but still from missions in the United States, Britain, France, Turkey and elsewhere. was working.

The diplomats who signed the strongly worded letter were all below the rank of ambassador.

“We are disappointed that after twenty years of engagement, our allies are leaving Afghanistan and leaving our people at the mercy of a terrorist group,” the diplomats wrote.

The letter calls on world leaders to use all available means to stop Taliban violence against women, civil society activists and journalists.

This included warnings about the global implications of the overthrow of the Afghan government by the Taliban.

“The Taliban’s success in seizing power by illegal and violent means … encourages terrorist and violent extremist groups around the world,” he wrote, adding that violent takeover “normalises violence.”

Meanwhile, Javad Raha, the embassy’s first secretary in Washington, told Reuters that while his outpost was still operating, diplomats there focused on providing services for Afghans living in the United States and drawing attention to the situation in Afghanistan. has done.

Raha said the embassy had removed Ashraf Ghani’s picture after Ashraf Ghani abruptly abdicated his presidency and handed over Kabul to the Taliban on August 15.

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