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‘Adopt hybrid energy sources’ to meet 2050 carbon emissions targets – Times of India

New Delhi: Adoption of hybrid energy sources across the world can help meet the target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. Friday. Hybrid energy systems are defined as the integration of several types of energy generation equipment such as electric power generators, electrical energy storage systems and renewable energy sources.
“As we progress to meet our 2050 goal of carbon neutrality and zero carbon emissions, we need to think about hybrid energy sources,” said Alok Nanda, CEO, GE India Technology Center and CTO, GE South Asia Said in a virtual address on the 17th Edition of India Innovation Summit.
Nanda said that climate change is a real concern, and the energy transformations being undertaken today should be done keeping in mind the needs of the generations to come.
He said that one of the primary causes of climate change is that 41 per cent of CO2 (carbon) emissions are generated by the electricity sector, 26 per cent by industry, 25 per cent by transport and 9 per cent by buildings.
“If you come to transportation, we’ve talked a lot about e-cars, but if the batteries in those e-cars are charged with electricity generated by a technology that produces a lot of carbon then …we will actually be polluting our environment (indirectly). We need a holistic approach,” Nanda said.
Elaborating further, he said that if all coal plants are replaced with equal capacity of renewable energy, it will reduce carbon by 25-40 per cent. If coal plants in the world were replaced with gas turbines or similar capacity of gas plants, CO2 emissions would be reduced by 50-60 percent.
“We have to work towards hybrids. Hybrids are inevitable and as we move towards it, we can make a real difference in achieving the energy trilogy by making electricity affordable, reliable and sustainable while meeting energy security needs And then we add carbon capture and hydrogen to it. Mix and take it (carbon reduction) to 100 pcs, which is needed.”


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