AAP government removes the condition of 1KW in free electricity: only BPL families benefit in general category; 600 units free for SC category

Chandigarh10 hours ago

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CM Bhagwant Mann.

In Punjab, from July 1, the government has removed some conditions in the 600 units of free electricity scheme per bill. After which only Below Poverty Line (BPL) families of general category will get 600 units free of cost. On the other hand, SC, BC and Freedom Fighter families will get 600 units of electricity free on every bill. In this regard, the government has sent a letter to the Principal Secretary, Electricity Department.

Government’s free electricity scheme
The Aam Aadmi Party had promised at the time of elections that if the government is formed, it will give 300 units of free electricity to every household every month. When the government was formed, it was implemented from July 1. However, some modifications have been made in it. In Punjab, the bill is generated in 2 months, so 600 units will be available for free in every bill.

Earlier these were the conditions
In fact, earlier the government had said that 600 units of electricity would be completely free for each category of 1 kW connection in Punjab. If the bill comes more than this, then people will have to pay the bill for the additional unit only. If the connection is more than one kilowatt, then if more than 600 units are spent, then they will have to pay the full bill. All types of categories were included in this.

Now what will happen with the change?
After removing the conditions of the government, now Scheduled Caste (SC), Backward Category (BC) and Freedom Fighter will benefit in Punjab. Irrespective of the kilowatt of their connection, they will get 600 units of electricity free of cost in any case. They will have to pay the bill for the additional unit.

General category blow
This decision of the AAP government is a setback for the general category. 600 units will be waived in any case to BPL families of general category. In addition, they will have to pay the unit bill. However, those who are not BPL card holders, they will now have to pay the full bill if it is more than 600.

That’s where the CM said, the minister’s cleaning went in vain.
In the case of free electricity, the same scheme was implemented, which was said by CM Bhagwant Mann. He had said that SC, BC, Freedom Fighter and BPL families would be waived 600 units in every bill. Apart from this, the bill of the unit spent will have to be paid. Although there was talk of deception with the general category, then Power Minister Harbhajan Singh said that every class paying more than one kilowatt load and income tax will have to pay full bill for spending more than 600. However, this will not happen after removing the conditions.

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