Aamir Khan CRIES, Walks Out Of Interview As He Recalls Father’s Financial Trouble: ‘Never Had Money’ | Viral – News18

Aamir Khan is one of the most prolific personalities in Bollywood today. He is not only one of India’s finest actors but is also a successful producer, taking after his father, Tahir Hussain. However, things haven’t always been sound financially for Tahir and Aamir tears up while recalling his father’s financial troubles. An old interview of Aamir getting emotional while talking about Tahir has resurfaced online.

Speaking to Humans of Bombay in the video, Aamir recalled his childhood and his father’s financial troubles. He said that they couldn’t pay his school fees in time and people assumed that he had a cushy life because he was a producer’s son. Aamir said, “My father was an above-average producer. Unki filme kaafi chali bhi hain lekin unko business karna bilkul nahi aata tha.”

Aamir added in Hindi, “The thing that used to trouble us the most was observing our father. He was a very simple man. Maybe he didn’t have the business sense to know that maybe he shouldn’t have taken so many loans. What happened was that when his films used to work, there was a black market and they used to steal. So, the producer never got the accounts half the time.”

“So, sometimes the films would work but the producer never got the due from the distributors. This used to happen a lot. His films had worked but I don’t know… He never had money,” Aamir said.

“They thought that I’ll become an engineer. No chance,” Aamir continued. The actor said due to their financial struggles, Aamir’s family wanted him to become an engineer, or a chartered accountant or a doctor. They wanted him to have a set, professional job with a steady income. However, his heart was set on becoming an actor. Aamir said that his parents gave him a great life despite their struggles. All this while, Aamir could not hold back and teared up several times.