Aadhaar Enrollments Now Possible Without Iris Or Fingerprint Scans; Govt Clarifies Changes

New Delhi: On Saturday, the government announced that, if fingerprints are not available, an eligible individual can enroll using an iris scan. The announcement follows the intervention of Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Minister of State for Electronics and IT, to facilitate the enrolment of Josymol P. Jose, a Keralan woman who was unable to do so because she was missing fingers.

The same day, Jose was visited at her house in Kumarakam, Kottayam district, Kerala, by a team from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), who created her Aadhaar number, according to the statement. (Also Read: SBI vs HDFC vs ICICI vs Axis Bank’s 5-Year FD Rates 2023 Compared: Check Latest Fixed Deposit Rates)

According to Chandrasekhar, all Aadhaar Service Kendras have received advice instructing them to obtain alternative biometrics to provide Aadhaar to individuals with disabilities similar to Jose’s, such as those with smudged fingerprints. (Also Read: Highest Paid Indian CEOs And Their Educational Qualification – Check)


New Enrolment Options

Citizens now have three alternative methods for Aadhaar enrolment:

Iris Scan Only

Individuals can now enrol for Aadhaar solely based on their iris scan.

Fingerprint Only

If an iris scan is not feasible, individuals can use fingerprints alone for Aadhaar enrolment.

No Biometrics

For those unable to provide both iris and fingerprint scans, enrolment is still possible. In such cases, individuals need to register the following details:

– Name

– Gender

– Address

– Date of birth

– Year of birth

Additional Identity Verification

To compensate for the absence of biometric scans, a photograph of the individual will be taken in a specific manner. This ensures a comprehensive identity verification process.

Ensuring Inclusivity

The decision comes in the wake of Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s efforts to assist Josymol P Jose, a resident of Kumarakam in Kerala’s Kottayam district, who faced challenges due to the absence of fingers.

The new provisions aim to make Aadhaar accessible to individuals with unique circumstances, promoting inclusivity in social security schemes.

Deadline for Free Aadhaar Updates

While celebrating this inclusivity, it’s essential to note the upcoming deadline for free Aadhaar updates. The UIDAI has set December 14, 2023, as the last day for individuals to update their Aadhaar details free of charge.

This can be done on the myAadhaar portal. For those preferring Aadhaar centers, a service fee of Rs 50 will be applicable.

How To Update Aadhaar Details?

Here is a simple guide for updating Aadhaar details:

– Log on to uidai.gov.in.

– Create an account and log in.

– Click on “Update Demographic Data.”

– Check the status and choose the document update option.

– Enter your Aadhaar number.

– Upon receiving an OTP on your registered mobile number, enter it to proceed with the update.

– Keep relevant documents ready to support the update.

– A unique update request number will be provided to track the status of your application.