A Netizen’s Beautiful Story on Finding his Love Partner due to OnePlus Phones Goes Viral

New Delhi: A netizen has shared a beautiful story of how she found her love partner with the help of a OnePlus phone. He said that having a OnePlus phone on Twitter in 2014 was very special. In a Twitter post, he narrated the story of how he noticed in 2014 that someone else was using a OnePlus One and introduced himself by saying that he had the same phone. Later, she became his girlfriend and they were together for more than 8 years.

Impressed by the story, Pete Lau, the founder of OnePlus, retweeted the story on his official Twitter handle.

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“Owning a OnePlus phone in 2014 was very special. I saw someone else using a OnePlus One in the fall of 2014 and introduced myself to her by telling her we had the same phone. She became my girlfriend and we are still together after 8 years,” tweeted Twitter user Alpaca Tech on February 15, 2023.

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The same person commented on Lau’s retweet saying, “Like this tweet if you think @oneplus should send me a OnePlus 11 to redo the photo.”

A Twitter user Rising Jeff said that OnePlus USA should send him 2 OnePlus 11s.

Another user Antonio Luis asked if he was real. He further added, “If that is the case…there needs to be a legal story told by OnePlus USA.” this is beautiful.’

This is how they react.