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In friendship, people do not judge each other.

In friendship, people do not judge each other.

It is very important to understand who are our real friends and who are our fake friends.

Friendship is a very special thing for many of us. We often share our sadness, happiness, joy and grief with our friends. While some friends stay for a lifetime, some friendships last for only for few years or days. We often trust our friends blindly but some of them try to take advantage of our trust. It is very important to understand who are our real friends and who are our fake friends. Here are seven signs to identify whether your friend is your real friend or fake:

Judging: In friendship, people do not judge each other. They understand each other’s circumstances and mindset while helping each other in life. If you have a friend who often judges you, then it might not be a true friendship.

Not being happy for your success or achievement: True friends usually celebrate each other’s achievements and happiness. If your friend is jealous of your achievements and success, they might not be real friends.

Making fun of personal matters: Teasing is a very common thing in a friendship. But if your friend makes fun of your matters in front of them then it is a red flag. You should always try to maintain distance from such friends.

Gossiping about your secrets: Trust is one of the most essential things in friendship. If a friend gossips and shares your secrets with others which you have said out of trust then it is a red flag. It is better to stay away from such friends.

Not caring for you: True friends always care for each other, even when they are far away. If you are in a friendship where the other person doesn’t care about you and your feelings then it is better to distance yourself from them.

Hiding important information: Some people come to make friends only for their good. Some friends only take important information like job vacancies from you and hide the other information. Such people might not be your true friends.

Making Excuses: It is often said that a friend in need is a friend indeed but if your friends make excuses when you are in any problem instead of helping then you should understand that it is not a true friendship.