5 teenagers shot near park in Louisville, Kentucky, police say – Henry Club

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department said the shooting took place on the Big Four Bridge, a former railroad now used by pedestrians and cyclists near Waterfront Park.

Major Brian Kuriger said, “We know the park was packed with a lot of people. We’re asking anyone who has or has seen anything, please give us a call.”

Police said it was after 9:00 p.m. that officers responded to reports of people being shot and found three teenagers injured. The teenagers were shifted to a hospital and at least one of them was listed in critical condition, suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Two other teens later arrived at the hospital on their own with gunshot wounds.

Police said, “The victims include both men and women, although age is not readily available. Considering the seriousness of the injuries, the Homeside Unit of LMPD is investigating.