5 Beautiful Beaches To Visit Near Bangalore For A Perfect Getaway

Are you longing for a long vacation but have a deadline to meet? Do not care! If you live in Bengaluru, a short visit to the nearby beaches will give you a break from the monotonous routine.

The cool breeze, the white sand and the mesmerizing sunset are enough to brighten up your mood. So, pack your bags and hit the streets to visit the nearby beaches. Here is a list of beautiful beaches that you can visit this weekend.

Malpe Beach: One of the more famous beaches near Bangalore is Malpe Beach. Located in Udupi, Malpe offers serene beauty like no other. Don’t miss visiting St. Mary’s Island for a breathtaking sea view. In the meantime, you can also enjoy water sports.

Distance from Bangalore: 438.9 km

Gokarna Beach: Tourists from all over the world visit Gokarna, which is located at a distance of 490 km (approx.) from Bangalore. You can choose to visit the main Gokarna beach or explore lesser-known places like Paradise Beach and Kudle Beach.

Distance from Bangalore: 487.6 km

Tannirbhavi Beach: One of the lowest rated as well as the nearest beaches to Bangalore, just a 6-7 hour drive from the main city. It is known as a less crowded and an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing evening.

Distance from Bangalore: 358.6 km

Auroville Beach: Auroville Beach in Pondicherry offers a unique experience of relaxing and rejuvenating. A simple walk on this beach can help you take all the stress out of your busy week. It is accompanied by a number of shacks, restaurants and food stalls to satisfy your taste buds.

Distance from Bangalore: 361.3 km

Om Beach: Om Beach is a tourist attraction in the coastal town of Gokarna. Two crescent moons join together to form the figure of Om, which is a Hindu spiritual symbol here and offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. It is one of the best places to visit during monsoon.

Distance from Bangalore: 491.6 km

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