4 times in 7 months, CM’s security lapses: sometimes bulls came, sometimes girls; Know how tight is the security of CM?

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On 10 June 2022, Yogi Adityanath was going to the airport from Gorakhnath temple in Gorakhpur to receive JP Nadda. As soon as his convoy reached outside the airport at 11:30, many private vehicles came in front of CM Yogi’s car. The commandos deployed in security immediately came near the vehicle.

There has been a lapse in the security of UP CM 4 times in the last 7 months. First we will tell these matters, then we will know about CM’s security. How many commandos are there? What is security in other states? How is the traffic? Come on, let’s begin.

First we know the four cases when CM’s security got lapsed

Private vehicles entered the convoy in Gorakhpur
This is the latest case. When CM Yogi reached outside Gorakhpur airport, the policemen handling the traffic got confused and diverted the vehicles in the wrong direction. SSP Dr. Vipin Tada suspended an Inspector, a Inspector and 8 policemen.

When private vehicles came in front of CM Yogi, the security personnel immediately came forward.

When private vehicles came in front of CM Yogi, the security personnel immediately came forward.

Two girls reached in front of Yogi’s stage
On 11 February 2022, Yogi was giving a speech at Chandausi in Sambhal district. Then two girls crossed the restricted D area and reached Yogi. The officers posted in security arrived and took both of them out. When both the girls were interrogated, it was found that they wanted to invite the CM for an event.

The bull came in front of the convoy
On 10 December 2021, Yogi reached the house of Wing Commander Prithvi Singh, who was martyred in a helicopter crash in Coonoor. When he left for Lucknow, he came in front of the convoy on MG Road. With his arrival, the speed of the vehicles slowed down. The policemen on duty were scolded.

man entered the auditorium with a pistol
On 22 October 2021, CM had a VIP program in Basti. 45 minutes before their arrival, a man with a licensed pistol reached the auditorium. When the senior officers saw him, he immediately evicted and suspended 4 policemen.

Now let’s talk about Yogi’s safety.

What is Yogi’s security
When Yogi Adityanath was MP from Gorakhpur, he was given Y+ security. During this, 11 CISF and police personnel lived around him. On 19 March 2017 when he became the CM, the Intelligence Bureau submitted the report to the Ministry of Home Affairs. In that report, Yogi Adityanath’s life was said to be in danger. On March 31, 2017, the Ministry of Home Affairs gave NSG cover to CM Yogi with Z+ security.

One can walk with Yogi Adityanath only if he has his consent.

One can walk with Yogi Adityanath only if he has his consent.

What changed with CM after getting Z+ security
After SPG security to PM Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath has the strongest security. In the Z plus security given to Yogi, there are a total of 36 security personnel. It consists of 10 NSG and SPG commandos. They can even fight without weapons. ITBP personnel and CRPF personnel also join the security.

There are commandos of NSG in black dress walking right next to the CM. The second layer of security consists of SPG commandos. These are martial arts trends. They have modern weapons. Apart from this, jammers, road opening vehicles started running with Yogi in the security convoy.

Two platoons CRPF deployed at CM Yogi’s official residence
In March 2022, Yogi received death threats from a Twitter account named Lady Don. On 4 April, two PAC jawans engaged in the security of Gorakhnath temple were attacked by a person named Murtaza. On 7 April, two platoons of CRPF were pressed into duty at his official residence, increasing the security of Yogi.

CRPF has been deployed at CM Yogi's official residence since April.

CRPF has been deployed at CM Yogi’s official residence since April.

How is there security when traveling by air
Whenever Yogi Adityanath goes by air, the entire security team goes to the helicopter and comes back after dropping him. Only two to three SPG commandos sit on the helicopter. Security personnel are present at the place where Yogi descends.

Now let’s talk about traffic rules regarding CM and security of other states.

what are the traffic rules
Traffic advisory regarding the visit of CM is issued by the traffic police of the district. She issues a press note 24 hours in advance informing the people of the city not to go through these routes, gives information about alternate routes. How long the traffic of an intersection is to be stopped, it is not decided in advance.

What is the security of CM when he goes to other states
Even if Yogi Adityanath goes to another state, there is no change in his security. NSG and SPG commandos are constantly deployed under his protection. High officials of the local administration also stay with them during this time.

When Yogi goes to another state, SPG personnel are already present there.

When Yogi goes to another state, SPG personnel are already present there.

Now talk about the country’s strongest security PM Narendra Modi.

1 crore 17 lakh rupees spent every day in PM’s security
The security of PM Narendra Modi is in the hands of the Special Protection Group (SPG). When he goes to any state, the police there also accompany him. During the visit of PM, the information about the security is available to the CM, Home Minister, DGP and Chief Secretary of the state. The security plan is shared with the DM and SSP.

1 crore 17 lakh rupees are spent every day on the security of the PM. That is, 4 lakh 90 thousand rupees per hour. So far, the security of SPG was given to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi but now only Narendra Modi has got this protection.

1 crore 39 lakhs spent every month in Yogi’s security
In 2017, in response to a question by Shatrudra Prakash of SP, the government had replied that Rs 1 crore 39 lakh is spent every month in the security of CM Yogi. An additional superintendent of police, seven deputy superintendents of police, 52 inspectors, 21 sub-inspectors, 23 chief constables and 127 constables have been deployed in security.

By the way, apart from this, the expenditure on SPG has not been mentioned.

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