33 years of Ram Lakhan: Filmmaker Subhash Ghai reveals how relationships have changed over the years


Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff starrer Ram Lakhan clocked 33 years today

Today marks 33 years of Ram Lakhan, a story of two brothers, whose tales continue to be spoken about as an example for many. Filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who presented the story to us back in the day, presented another story of a family recently, titled ’36 Farmhouse’ on ZEE5. And it is safe to say that both the movies have been absolutely in sync with their times.

On this occasion, Ghai also shared a post on social media, where he wrote: Today 33 years back my #RAMLAKHAN narrated a story of two great brothers and one mother whereas today #36 FARMHOUSE tells a story of two rich brothers killing each other and one mother reacting @zee5 ..now ?? Is it a change of time or people??

Elaborating on his above statement, the visionary filmmaker says, “Films are a reflection of society and what happens in the society at a particular time, that’s what we display via our stories. Back when I made Ram Lakhan, it was a common occurrence where one brother was more bent towards corruption and the other brother, is honest and in-line with customs and traditions. It was a transitional period of India where there were two sons, who believed differently and acted differently but they had a strong bond, and love for each other and above all, they had a want to do something for their mother.

”But in present day, two brothers love each other, but from afar. When it comes to giving out money or talk business, two brothers maintain distance saying that family and business are different, and you see for yourself how things have changed in 33 years and I had to write a story like ’36 Farmhouse’, where a mother has two sons, who want to charge each other with murder and at the same time, the picture in a poor family is different, where the bonding is strong despite all the fights v/s how such stories also exist. This is the very reason why the movie is a family entertainer but with a different point of view, where we as writers, whether in OTT or cinema, have to write stories of the common people in the society, how the country is changing, how relationships are changing, and that is why it is being liked by everyone, because it is a story of today,” he added.

’36 Farmhouse’ is produced by Ghai and Rahul Puri, directed by Ram Ramesh Sharma, with story written by Subhash Ghai himself, and dialogues by Sharad Tripathi. The movie boasts of an ensemble cast including Amol Parashar, Barkha Singh, Sanjay Mishra, Vijay Raaz, Flora Saini and Ashwini Kalsekar.