3,081 new covid cases in the state, 1,956 from Mumbai – Henry’s Club

3,081 new. Out of COVID-19 Cases were reported across Maharashtra on Friday, with 1,956 infections being reported from Mumbai alone. For the first time since January 23, 1,956 cases of Kovid-19 were registered in Mumbai on Friday. This is an increase of 15 per cent, as 1,702 cases were reported in the city a day earlier. The test positivity rate (TPR) – the number of positive cases out of the total tests conducted – reached 12.74 per cent in the city on Friday.

As the BMC on Tuesday increased the number of tests to 17,145, the TPR had come down to 7.2 per cent, with 1,242 new cases being reported. The next day, 19,185 tests were conducted and 1,765 new infections were detected. The TPR then stood at 9.1 per cent and the daily caseload had increased by 42 per cent. On Thursday, the testing count rose to 17,648, with Mumbai reporting 1,702 new cases with a TPR of 9.64 per cent.

The TPR rose to 12.74 per cent on Friday, as the testing figures further fell to 15,346.

Between December 21-27, 2021 – a week before the third wave started in Mumbai – 2,45,538 tests were conducted in the city. On an average more than 35,000 tests were conducted daily. Of these, 4,263 cases were detected with a TPR of 1.7 per cent. In contrast, the current TPR is hovering between 9-13 per cent.

Health experts are concerned that less testing could lead to under-reporting of Covid-19 cases in Mumbai. Soumitra Ghosh, School of Health System Studies, TISS, said, “In any pandemic, testing is prioritized over surveillance and containment measures. Fewer tests may subsequently overwhelm the health infrastructure. ,

BMC additional commissioner Sanjeev Kumar was not available for comment despite repeated attempts.

However, health experts dismissed speculation about the arrival of a fourth wave due to the low severity of the infection. Dr Ishwar Gilada, an expert in infectious diseases, said, “The only noticeable change is likely the ba.4 and ba.5 sub-variants. omicron Surge driving, coupled with low vaccinations. Unless the demand for oxygen and hospital beds rises and deaths are reported, there is no cause for concern.”