3 iPad Productivity Apps That Will Change The Way You Use Your iPad

Apple recently started marketing the iPad as a laptop replacement given its hardware prowess. In fact, the latest iPads outclass even the best Windows laptops and perhaps match the entry level MacBooks with the M1 chip when it comes to specifications. However, the iPad OS is still a limiting part of the whole iPad experience.

Fortunately, a slew of professional-grade apps have launched for the iPad over the years. These apps can help you create the most pro-looking work possible on a mobile platform.

Check out the best pro-grade iPad apps:

1) Procreate

It is a powerful digital illustration app that lets you create art and animation sans the intimidating UI of something like Photoshop. Artists have access to a plethora of brushes, support for up to 902 layers on the iPad Pro M1 16GB variant and frame-by-frame animation at 15FPS.

The experience on cheaper iPads is just as smooth compared to their more expensive counterparts. The app costs $9.99/ ₹899 on the App Store.

2) CollaNote

CollaNote is the perfect note-taking solution for students on a budget. The best part about CollaNote is that all its features are completely free without any premium upgrades or functionality.

Collanote offers easy PDF and document imports, a note-taking feature only available in premium apps like Notability and GoodNotes. This, coupled with the folder organisation makes for effective management of your notes and documents. The writing experience is quite smooth and without any latency. You also have access to all the colours and tools to personalise your experience. Overall, CollaNote rivals some of the flagship note-taking apps, but remains absolutely free.

3) LumaFusion

If you are looking for a powerful NLE video editor, your search ends here. LumaFusion is the most powerful video editing tool available on the iPad. Not only does it provide support for up to 6 layers of audio and video, but it also lets you tweak the colours using LUTs.

There are a plethora of export options as well, with support for various video codecs like HEVC, H.264 and MPEG4. In fact, you can even change the bit-rate to churn out higher quality renders. No other mobile video editing app provides similar functionality and sure, it isn’t going to replace something like Final Cut but the $29.99/ ₹2,699 one-time cost is gracefully justified.

The days of the iPad finally taking over as a laptop replacement are nearing, thanks to the constant launch of pro-grade apps that are sure-shot replacements for their bigger counterparts. So, do check out LumaFusion, Procreate and CollaNote if you own an iPad.

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