24 hours heavy for S&T personnel, three technicians die due to runover – Rail Hunt


New Delhi. November 22 and 23 were shock days for S&T employees. Three technicians died in 24 hours due to runover during work. On 22 November, during BCM machine work in Hemant Kumar JE Tele DBA KTRA block in Jhansi Division of North Central Railway, train number 11077 got run over.

On the very next day of this incident, on November 23, Kuldeep ESM and Bhagat Singh Meena Assistant S&T in Delhi Division of Northern Railway came under the grip of train 22221 during work at Faridabad station. Both died. All this is happening in such a way when the railway administration is teaching to organize seminars on safety and adopt other measures.

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In the midst of all this, the undeclared pressure to maintain rail operations is clearly visible on the railway workers, an example of which is the increasing incidents of runovers. It is interesting that despite working in high risk, the Railways has not yet taken a final decision on the demand for setting up of Risk Allowance and Night Duty Failure Gang for S&T employees.

It is not that the attention of the railway administration was not drawn to these incidents. IRSTMU launched a nationwide movement for this and unsuccessfully tried to draw the attention of the Railway Board towards the incidents by celebrating Black Day. The union was successful in continuously reaching its voice to the MPs and ministers, but even now the decision on their important demands is yet to come. National President of the Maintainers Union Naveen Kumar and General Secretary Alok Chand have expressed concern over the incidents of runover and requested the colleagues to follow the safety at all costs.